Build a celebrity friendship group and we’ll tell you which uni you should’ve gone to

Anyone from MIC? Durham

Mates. We all have ’em. That one who takes it way too far on every single night out, that one who’s great to watch TV with when hungover the next day, and that one you’ve promised to buy a dog with if you’re both still single by the time you’re 35.

But when you get bored of your real mates, have you ever sat and thought about which celebs you’d replace them with? Of course you have – and now this quiz has come to make all your wildest dreams come true. You can build your celebrity friendship group, imagining all the SU nights out you’d have with Harry Styles, and the library sessions you’d have with Gemma Collins.

And because every single one of these celebs has a very specific vibe, just as every uni has a very specific vibe, once you’ve built your celeb friendship group we’ll be able to tell you which uni you should have gone to – it’s science. Anyway, take this quiz to find out:

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