Put on your best pink outfit and then take this quiz to see which Mean Girl you are

Get in loser, we’re taking a quiz

It might not have aged all too well, but Mean Girls was undoubtedly the iconic film of our teenage years. It gave us so many iconic one liners, the word fetch, and a deep appreciation for the colour pink.

The Plastics are the Queens of the Mean Girls school, but which member of the girl gang are you? You could be Cady, who’s a bit of a walking disaster but is defo going to graduate with a First, or Karen who’s just at uni for a good time and will end up with a 2:2. Or are you as boujee as Gretchen, or as confident as Queen Bee Regina? It’s time to find out.

Which of the Mean Girls girls are you, really? Take this quiz to find out:

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Get in loser, and take this quiz to see which Mean Girls character you are