QUIZ: Decorate your uni room and we’ll tell you what type of housemate you are

Your tapestry makes you the annoying indie one that everyone secretly hates, sorry

It is a well-known fact that your bedroom is a reflection of your personality. How you decide to decorate it, how well you maintain it, how many people you let in-and-out of it; your room is basically just another you.

Now we’ve been enclosed in our rooms for so long, you’ve probably noticed even more details about your living space. There’s a high chance there are some aspects of your childhood bedroom you’d like to change now that uni has forced you through a second puberty. So long hot pink walls and plastic chandeliers, hello plain white walls and velvet bed throws- your new room represents the new you.

But, just how much does your room really say about who you are as a person? Just because you yourself are a warm, friendly individual, doesn’t necessarily mean your room would reflect that, right? Good question, shows it’s time to take the quiz below to find out:

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