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Quiz: Did this thing happen in 2020, or has your sense of time been destroyed?

It’s been a long year

2020 has really been tough. Sometimes it feels like lockdown lasted years and 2020 has been going on for as long as you can remember. Seriously, what did we all do for New Years? What was life like in 2019? When was the last time I was in a crowded place and felt comfortable? It safe to say our minds have all been completely scrambled this year, as this 2020 quiz is about to prove even further.

In this quiz all you have to do is desperately try and remember if the following things actually happened in 2020 or not. They’re TV shows, films, events, memes, pop culture moments and other news stories from around the globe. They might all seem like they happened centuries ago, but a fair few of these landmark moments have actually all been within this whirlwind year.

God I can’t wait for 2021.

All you have to do is identify what did or didn’t happen in 2020 in the quiz below:

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