QUIZ: Make a Tinder profile and we’ll guess what uni you go to

That bio is sooo Durham

If you struggled with dating before lockdown then I’m afraid to tell you that partner hunting will probably be ten times harder with all the bars, clubs, and usual places shut where most people with low standards head to find a date.

Thankfully though, you can wipe those single tears away because more people being bored means more people on dating apps which means you might actually have a chance of finding someone to help you ignore how truly awful life is right now!

With a 13 per cent increase in daily Tinder conversations since the start of lockdown, there are people using Tinder more now than ever emphasising the need for a pretty good profile to find someone right now.

Wondering how your Tinder profile comes across? Take the quiz below and we’ll guess what uni you go to based on your choices:

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