QUIZ: Order a Nando’s and we’ll guess your type

If you order plain chicken you 100 per cent dig needy people

If you have lived in the UK for quite some time, there’s a 99 per cent chance you have been to a Nando’s. Maybe you’re part of the ‘omg it’s sooo overpriced’ clan, or perhaps the ‘I actually canNOT live without a Nando’s, yah’ clique, but all in all we are very aware that Nando’s is part of our image.

With life beginning to reopen around us, some restaurants are being welcomed more than others. Those home-made Nando’s kits just did not hit the same throughout lockdown compared to seeing that fresh chicken on the brown plates. Anyone who disagrees is just too deep into their lie to admit otherwise.

Your order makes your personality, and that is a fact. Have you ever seen someone’s Instagram story of their Nando’s order, saw what they ordered, then thought ‘Yeah nah, that doesn’t surprise me, utter psychopath’ because same. Seeing as your order is such a crucial part of your identity, we believe we can identify your choice of mate based on what you fancy off their menu. Take our quiz and watch us blow your mind:

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