The guy from the Selling Sunset boat party is GOING for Chrishell on Twitter and Insta

She’s having none of it 👀

When I say the boat party from season four of Selling Sunset, you know what I mean. It was chaos. There was the girls’ manic dancing to the quietest backing song of all time, and of course Chrishell’s uncomfortable exchange with Robert. On Selling Sunset, we saw Robert trying to win over Chrishell and he literally grabbed her from the girls dancing and tried to force conversation upon her. It was awkward, and now he’s gone and made it more awkward by trying to talk about it on Twitter and Instagram.

Let’s start with the Twitter exchange. It all started when Netflix tweeted a clip of the moment, captioned: “What Not To Do On A Blind Date* *as demonstrated by Chrishell’s date on Selling Sunset.” Someone replied saying how cringe the whole scene was, and Chrishell replied: “Ok but in our defence this is not the song we were dancing to. Petition to release the unedited dancing footage bc agreed we look manic”. 

~Enter Robert~ The actual Robert from the boat party then replied to Chrishell, making awkward comments and her relationship with Jason Oppenheim. He said: “In your defence would you say the real reason the date went sideways from the second I showed up was because your boyfriend Jason was right there? I guess hiding your man from the man that came to a blind date makes for lots of cringe.” But Chrishell is having none of it, replying: “Oh hi Robert! Jason was not my boyfriend here. In fact that step came much later. But if thinking that makes you feel better about your behaviour, I get it”.

Comments between Robert and Chrishell about the boat party scene on Selling Sunset season four

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Robert then replies telling Chrishell the internet is saying other things about their relationship timeline. Chrishell tells him to “take the L” which is iconic from her, adding: “You never pick up a woman w/o permission & if she wants to leave, refusing to get up to let me out was ridiculous. Jason & I did hook up in Vegas that weekend actually after he had put it out there but I wasn’t sure. Thank you for showing me what I did NOT want.” TELL HIM GIRL.

But, Robert didn’t quite take the L. Yep, he keeps going. “I’d buy that whole line but you were rude from the first second I stepped on the boat. If that’s how you meet men on dates it explains a lot and trust me I took the W,” he said. But then Chrishell just told him she thinks the camera speaks for itself with a GIF of her from the show saying “bye, Robert”. Love it from her.

But that’s not all! The awkward exchange continues over on Instagram, too! Robert shared the clip from Selling Sunset season four on Instagram, trying to explain “what went down” and later tagged Chrishell in the comments. The post was captioned: “Selling Sunset ‘What really went down’ I was setup on a blind date back in June that was filmed for Selling Sunset season 4. My friends @therealtarekelmoussa and @heatherraeyoung had spoke with @chrishell.stause and she was interested in going on a date. I guess Selling Sunset film crew overheard and wanted it for the show. Read comments for the details:”.

Lots of people have rushed to his defence in the comments, calling him an “amazing person” and “a gentleman” and that he simply got edited badly or came across badly on the TV, but is a great person in real life. In the comments, Robert explains: “So filming took place at the end of June and by then Chrishell was already (secretly) dating @jasonoppenheim. I was requested to show up and talk to a producer for a couple of hours prior to the actual meet up with Chrishell. They had me in a hotel room and asked me a lot of personal questions to get to know me, they told me what to expect on this ‘Blind Date’ and how it would go down.

“Once I walked on to the boat it was very awkward and not inviting, like me the producers and film crew had no idea Chrishell and Jason were a thing, nor did anything go as planned in regards to the date. Chrishell obviously turned this on me the only way she could given she was already in a relationship with Jason, ‘how dare he pick me up off the back of the boat to try and get to know me’ umm yeah, I was told we were there to get to know one another, ya know a ‘date’ the one you agreed and wanted to go on! Instead she treated me with disrespect and spun the entire thing on me making me look bad and ‘creepy’ for television.

“I meant no disrespect by picking her up, I was trying to be sweet but show interest as requested by the producer. I was honestly lost and confused as to why I was on this date with a woman that was interested originally then wouldn’t even give me two seconds of her time once I was there. As for the fact that I didn’t move when she said she wanted to dance and not get to know me, I was just lost and blindsided it happened so quickly I could react that fast. I sat back in disbelief and awe as she climbed over me.”

Comments between Robert and Chrishell about the boat party scene on Selling Sunset season four

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Chrishell later comments: “Please stop tagging me in things. I was 100 per cent single on this boat and free to date whoever I want. I would have understood if you were nervous and acted differently because of that. But to be on here and Twitter defending your actions is making it worse. I originally enjoyed meeting you until I started to see things I didn’t vibe with. But picking me up & then not getting up to let me out was not great. Cameras didn’t see but I’m glad you mentioned, then you were also very rude to me when I went to say that it was nice to meet you & say goodbye. I wish you all the best and it sucks this all went so downhill. But tagging me in multiple posts on multiple platforms to trying to defend behaviour that isn’t defendable isn’t it. I was single. You were rude. It wasn’t a match. Let’s all move on please.”

Robert replied saying he’s trying to defend himself, and made reference to Chrishell’s previous comment on Twitter where she says she hooked up with Jason later. He adds: “I don’t think you’re sincere or honest and I don’t appreciate you trying to make me look like someone I’m not.” Chrishell’s reply reads: “Oh I ASSURE you, if I had hooked up with the entire west coast the next week, nothing you did is what would have swept me off my feet at any point. I have had many moments on the show I don’t love watching bc it shows you things about yourself that sometimes you wish were better. At some point I hope you can get there and see that wasn’t great. And you are making yourself look this way by defending acting like a cave man.”

Comments between Robert and Chrishell about the boat party scene on Selling Sunset season four

via Instagram

The whole exchange between Chrishell and Robert then fizzles out with Robert replying to loads of viewers of Selling Sunset, all with different opinions. YIKES!!

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