This is where the characters of Love Actually would go to uni

You just know Joanna’s going to Leeds


From Hugh Grant to Alan Rickman, the range of characters in Love Actually is truly outstanding. Some we hate, some we adore, and some we simply forget ever existed.

They’ve all got such specific vibes, much like our beloved UK universities. As such, it’s only right to ask the question and imagine: where would the characters of Love Actually go to uni?

Colin Firth – Cambridge

This one feels so right it’s hard to imagine it wasn’t written into the script in the first place. Jamie’s (AKA Colin’s) effortless charm absolutely screams Cambridge and there’s no doubt this is where he would go. The floppy hair, all-brown blazers, rollneck and slack combos; it’s truly meant to be. His subtle mix of posh yet charming makes him an obvious choice for this uni.

Joanna – Leeds

Joanna is so made for Leeds it hurts. She’s just got the vibes really. She’s a bit edgy in some ways – her fashion and the fact she’s from America, for example – but also just straight up cool. She’d love a night out at Fruity and there’s no doubt she’d end up on stage at some point.

Nottingham – Emma Thompson

You just know anyone named Karen is going to Notts. Not only that, but she’s married to Alan Rickman and so basically everyone just feels sorry for her – much like the whole country for Nottingham students. But seriously, she’s a wholesome character and the Notts life would definitely suit her – particularly a walk through Lenton on a sunny day.

Emma Thompson

Hugh Grant – Oxford

Honestly, where else? The only uni where you can get away with wearing a suit the whole time – Hugh Grant AKA Mr Prime Minister will fit right in. Perfect breeding ground for a Prime Minister to meet other posh boys.

Hugh Grant

Bristol – Mia (Alan Rickman’s flirty secretary)

There’s no question that Mia’s destined for the dutty drum and bass at Bristol. She’s rebellious, a bit rogue and a proper troublemaker. Yet, she has this mysterious energy that makes you want to know more. She’s going to stir the pot wherever she goes, so it might as well be Bristol.

Love actually character Mia uni

Keira Knightly – Durham

Picture this: Keira’s character, Juliet, has had a nice secluded upbringing in the outskirts of London, where she attends a private all-girls’ school and goes horse riding on the weekends. She’s clearly quite bright, so she does the rounds and applies for Oxbridge. She just misses out, but just like everyone else, gets offered a place at Durham instead and settles for that. Her other private school friends are going there as well, so she’s happy enough.

Liam Neeson – Birmingham

Ahhh Liam (Daniel), the indisputable sweetheart of the film. He’s cute, kind but frankly also a bit boring. Birmingham is therefore the perfect place for him. He doesn’t want a uni where anything too crazy will go down and Birmingham therefore ticks the list. Old Joe is all he really needs.

Alan Rickman – Exeter

From sweetheart to pure evil – we have Alan Rickman’s character Harry. He is undeniably the most hated character in Love Actually – maybe ever. Where did he get the impression that it was ok to upset the sweet, innocent, Emma Thompson? Only one place – Exeter.

Billy Mack – Edinburgh

He’s a bit of an odd character, but also just eccentric enough that Edinburgh’s the place for him. Billy’s initially drawn there for the music scene, the desire to get out of London and to inspire himself with other cultures. He goes rogue on a night out and ultimately drops out to work in a corner record shop – because uni’s just not his thing.

Rowan Atkinson – Imperial

An extremely underrated character in the film – the infamous present wrapper and slow airport guy. He’s a bit of a hassle but you like him anyway. His background is as mysterious as his character and so he had to go to uni where no one would even notice him, Imperial.

Mark (The guy who’s obsessed with Keira Knightly) – King’s College London

Mark’s the definition of sad boy vibes. He wants what he can’t have and mopes around the whole time because of it. Other than his obsession with one woman he’s pretty unsociable and just wants to get on with his studies so he goes for a plain and simple choice with King’s.

Sarah – Liverpool

She’s a girl that puts others before herself – the ultimate nice gal. When looking for a uni, all Sarah wanted was friendly vibes and somewhere that’s not too far from home. She was also delightfully surprised to find ABBA on the playlist when she got there. Liverpool’s the place for her.

Sarah Liverpool

Sam – Manchester

He’s a wholesome character who has a bit of a past but has ultimately come through stronger. He’s passionate about politics and being correct and so naturally he would go to Manchester where he could meet like-minded people.

Colin Frissle – Newcastle

Colin’s a simple man and there are very few things he’s actually bothered about. Mainly, he’s just up for a laugh and a good time really. He’s the type to end up at Newcastle on a whim after binging Geordie Shore and liking the accents.

Collin Frissle Love Actually

Natalie – Southampton

A down-to-earth girl, not too fussed about the abundance of rats around her. She’s always up for a good time and can’t be bothered for all the posh stuff. She’s heard a word or two about Manzils and knows it’s the place for her.

Natalie Love Actually

Keira Knightly’s husband – UCL

He’s irrelevant, a bit boring and pretty much your average Londoner. He’s comfortable living at home with his parents and so he goes to UCL for convenience purposes.

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