These are the subjects which will earn you the most money straight out of uni

Is it me or did vets just become super attractive?

Some people go to uni for the nightlife, to make friends, because they have no idea what the hell else to do and some, believe it or not, to secure good career prospects for the future. If you’re one of the latter, it’s likely you’ve already done your research and could name the highest earning subjects with your eyes shut. If you’re like the rest of us though- it’s time to get clued up.

We’ve analysed HESA’s graduate salary data to find the median earnings for each grads from each uni subject. To find this, HESA asked what 2018/19 grads are up to, so – pandemic aside – it’s a pretty good guide to what you’re looking at raking in.

Turns out vets don’t just go into their career because they love animals- they’re earning more than any of their uni mates by far- a solid £31,000. The medics and dentists don’t follow too far behind at £26,750, but for all the clubbing nights they missed to fit in yet another study sesh, I hope it’s worth it.

Art and design students rest firmly at the bottom of the list, and can expect to earn about £18,333 a year when they graduate.

Surprisingly, law’s not exactly up there- with average earnings standing at £19,833. You’re agriculture mates are currently laughing at you- earning on average 500 quid more than you. Peak.

How much will your degree subject earn you out of uni?

Medicine & dentistry –  £26,750

Subjects allied to medicine-  £20,667

Biological sciences-  £19,833

Veterinary science-  £31,000

Agriculture & related subjects-  £20,333

Physical sciences-  £20,833

Mathematical sciences-  £21,833

Computer science-  £21,667

Engineering & technology-  £22,667

Architecture, building & planning- £20,667

Social studies-  £21,333

Law-  £19,833

Business & administrative studies-  £21,167

Mass communications & documentation- £19,167

Languages- £20,500

Historical & philosophical studies-  £20,500

Creative arts & design- £18,333

Education-  £19,833

Combined- £21,000

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