These are the unis you should’ve gone to if you wanted to earn £40k out of uni

Don’t look at this table if you go to Leeds, ngl

You know what’d be nice: earning £40k straight out of uni. Fortunately, there’s now data showing which uni you really should have gone to if you wanted to make that a reality.

Stats collected by HESA on 2017/18 grads show that nearly a third of Imperial grads earn over £39,000.

Just one in 50 Queen’s University Belfast grads surveyed by HESA bring in the same amount.

Cambridge narrowly tops Oxbridge in the rankings, but both are beat out by LSE, proving every stereotype about the London consultant factory is grounded in lucrative reality.

Giving thanks to the business school legends, Warwick are also up there, and Bristol won’t be reliant on daddy’s money for too long.

Check out the full table to feel quite bad about your prospects:

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