These are the uni cities where students rely on daddy’s money the most

You know who you are

At some point during our time at uni, we will all get to encounter that superior breed of student whose endless supply of cash is simply astounding. They can often be found eating fancy avocado salads while planning their next trip abroad and looking so fabulous you just know they shop online without sorting items by the low-high price range.

Coincidently (not), these are also the people that depend on their parents’ bank accounts the most. Thanks to NatWest’s Student Living Index, we now know exactly which unis these students are most likely to study at:

Edinburgh University tops the charts as the uni where students are most financially supported by their parents or family.

Unsurprisingly, other prestigious unis such as Oxford, Durham, and Cambridge also feature at the top of the list.

Conversely, students at universities such as Newcastle, Leicester, and Leeds are least likely to depend on their parents during studies.

Here’s the full breakdown:


Source: NatWest Student Living Index

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