These are the uni cities where students are paying the highest amount of rent

Student rent has risen by 20 per cent since last year

The university cities where students are paying the highest amount of rent can now be revealed, thanks to new research conducted by NatWest.

London is the most expensive city for students to rent in, with students paying £620 per month on average.

Student rent is also high in Cambridge and Bristol, where students pay on average £579 and £573 respectively.

At the other end of the table is Manchester, where students tend to pay around £498.

In general, student rent has risen by 18 per cent over the course of the past year, and on average, students now pay £518 per month for their term time properties.

In Leicester, average student rent has risen by £188 since 2020, the sharpest increase in rental prices of all the university cities.

Here’s a full breakdown of average student rent by university city in 2021:

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