Are you more spiritually aligned to Sophia or Cinzia? Take this quiz to find out the answer

Bestie vibes only please x

Sophia and Cinzia will never fail to disappoint. The pair are rising legends on YouTube and what makes their online presence better is the fact they have been best mates for years now. They’ve been lifelong friends having grown up in Nottingham together and began their YouTube career back in 2015. Now they have well over 380,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel and are currently on tour doing live performances of their podcast, The Girls Bathroom – they’re iconic.

We all know they exclusively come as a pair but have you ever stopped to think about which one of them you spiritually align with the most? Are you more like Sophia with your pastel and floral aesthetic or do you prefer Cinzia and her brown, neutral vibe? Take our quiz below to find out whether you’re more similar to Sophia or Cinzia:

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