Quiz: Plan a day in Stars Hollow and we’ll tell you who would be your best friend

Obvs I want to be mates with Kirk

Stars Hollow is practically the third most important character in Gilmore Girls. The quaint fictional Connecticut town provides the perfect backdrop for the lives of Rory and Lorelai. It’s a unique town filled with interesting characters and bizarre traditions. But just how would you spend the day in Stars Hollow if given the chance? Well it’s time to find out with our quiz.

As a Gilmore Girls fan we all dream of going for a coffee at Luke’s, browsing the bookshop and attending a town meeting. Or maybe not. Your perfect Stars Hollow day could be a trip to Westons before hitting the Dragonfly Inn. Either way the choices of how you’d spend the day say a lot about you – mainly who would be your best friend in the town.

If you’re going to avoid everyone and never participate then you’re more likely to be mates with Michel. However if you love being the centre of attention and part of every town activity then you’re more likely to be Taylor’s BFF.

So in order to find out who would be your Stars Hollow best friend, take our quiz here:

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