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These are the top 10 Gilmore Girls episodes ever, according to IMDb

Strongly disagree with number two

We’re finally in the depths of autumn which means you must be at least halfway through season three of Gilmore Girls, because as any Gilmore Girls fan will know, the minute September 1st comes around, it’s time to start the annual rewatch of all seven seasons.

Thanks to the seven seasons there are 154 episodes to get through, 158 if you include the Netflix reboot, however which episode is truly the best?

It would be easy to spend hours debating the various plots, characters and scenes which make an episode the greatest. The good news is IMDb has done the hard work for us by ranking all episodes from worst to best. The top rated episode received a score of 9.3 and all the top 10 are rated 8.7 or above.

These are the best Gilmore Girls episodes according to IMDb:

10. You Jump, I Jump, Jack (S5, Ep7)

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IMDb score: 8.7

Kicking off the top 10 episodes is this classic episode from season five. It’s a big episode for both Luke and Lorelai and Rory and Logan.

It sees Emily and Richard both invite Luke to separate events to get to know him, a dinner and a round of golf. Rory is investigating the Life and Death Brigade and gets closer to Logan by jumping off some scaffolding holding umbrellas.

This episode also features Lane and Zack’s first kiss. So you could say it’s actually a pretty important episode in the tracking of three major relationships of the series.

It’s funny, mainly light hearted and a great introduction to Logan’s world.

9. I Can’t Get Started (S2, Ep22)

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IMDb score: 8.8

This episode is Sookie and Jackson’s wedding and yet features a distinct lack of the married couple. It’s mainly about Lorelai and Rory’s romantic relationships.

Lorelai sleeps with Christoper and he promises they’ll have a life together, only to find out Sherry is pregnant. Rory becomes school vice president and kisses Jess whilst attending the wedding with Dean.

It’s a pretty heartbreaking episode to see Lorelai get her hopes up to just see them crushed by the end of it.

8. Rory’s Dance (S1, Ep 9)

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IMDb score: 8.8

This is a pretty cute episode and features Rory attending her first dance with Dean. Lorelai makes the dress, Paris goes with her cousin and Louise tries to flirt with Dean. It’s classic Chilton drama.

However easily the highlight of the episode is watching Emily take care of Lorelai with the mushed banana toast.

7. Wedding Bell Blues (S5, Ep13)

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IMDb score: 8.8

After months apart Emily and Richard finally get back together in this episode and renew their vows in a very extra wedding ceremony.

The highlights include seeing the happiness between Emily and Richard, Luke being incredibly awkward at the wedding and Rory and Logan’s first kiss.

However it also features the return of Christoper and is the beginning of the end for Luke and Lorelai.

6. Last Week Fights, This Week Tights (S4, Ep21)

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IMDb score: 9

This episode is a mixed bag and I’m honestly stunned it ended up this high on the list. The good parts of this episode are the bonding between Lane and her mum and the wedding of Liz and TJ which includes Luke asking Lorelai out on a date.

However the downside is that it features the whole Dean, Rory and Jess love triangle. I thought we left that in season three? Dean picks up Rory after a disastrous date and when he’s dropping her home Jess shows up asking Rory to run away with him. Yes, I’m rolling my eyes too.

5. Those Are Strings, Pinocchio (S3, Ep22)

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IMDb score: 9

This is the episode which features Rory’s high school graduation. It’s a great moment featuring Rory, Lorelai, Richard and Emily.

It’s also the episode where Lorelai and Sookie get the money for the inn. So all in all a very positive episode but not exactly dramatic.

4. They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They? (S3, Ep7)

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IMDb score: 9

This is definitely an episode of two halves. On the one side it shows the small town charm and uniqueness with the dance marathon that Kirk eventually wins.

However it’s also the episode where Rory and Dean break up for good, which I think we can all agree was definitely for the best.

3. Friday Night’s Alright For Fighting (S6, Ep13)

best gilmore girls episodes

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IMDb score: 9.1

Friday night dinners at the Gilmore house are a key part of Gilmore Girls and this episode all four Gilmores shout and raise their issues with each other. It’s easily the highlight of the episode watching their interactions together.

Elsewhere in the episode Luke gets to know April more and Paris goes into full meltdown over the Yale Daily News.

2. Bon Voyage (S7, Ep22)

best gilmore girls episodes

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IMDb score: 9.2

I’m sorry but I do not understand how this episode was rated so highly apart from it being the show’s finale.

It wraps everything up into a nice bow – Rory meets Christiane Amanpour and gets a job following Obama’s campagin trail, the town throws Rory a going away party and Lorelai and Luke kiss.

It’s nice and sweet but I don’t think deserving of the number two spot.

1. Raincoats And Recipes (S4, Ep22)

best gilmore girls episodes number 1

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IMDb score: 9.3

And the prize for the best of the best Gilmore Girls episodes goes to the series finale of season four.

The highlights include the Dragonfly Inn having a tester weekend, it’s great to see Lorelai and Sookie’s achievements come to fruition. It’s also a classic episode as it’s the first time Lorelai and Luke properly admit their feelings for each other.

However the downsides of this episode include Richard and Emily splitting up and Rory and Dean sleeping together.

It’s a great look at all the characters and Stars Hollow, but not necessarily worthy of the top spot.

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