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Quiz: It’s time to finally find out, are you more like Lorelai or Rory?

Please God not Rory

Autumn is nearly here which means one thing and one thing only – it’s time for the annual Gilmore Girls marathon to commence. You know you’re a true cosy girl if once September 1st rolls around you pull out the fluffy socks, get a hot chocolate and settle in for a serious Gilmore Girls binge. But are you more like Rory or Lorelai? Well to find out you need to take our quiz.

On the surface Rory and Lorelai could not be more similar. They both love junk food, have a mutual coffee obsession and even share the same name. However the mother and daughter have completely different personalities. Lorelai is outgoing, warm and always up for an adventure. Whereas Rory is quiet, reserved and extremely ambitious.

Their polar opposite personalities means we all easily match one woman more than the other. If you like to be the centre of attention and down shots with strangers then you’re more like Lorelai. But if you love to curl up with a book and keep your circle small, then you could be Rory’s twin.

To find out if you’re more similar to Lorelai or Rory take our quiz here:

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