Squid Game cast real life partners

Everything we know about the cast of Squid Game’s love lives and their real life partners


The insane levels of fame and popularity the Squid Game cast are now facing is crazy. Fans of the show have become obsessed with the characters and the actors who play them in real life. Obviously we want to know everything there is to know, including who are the real life partners of the Squid Game cast? And are any of them single??

So here’s the lowdown on the real life partners of the Squid Game cast, including which of the actors are SINGLE!! Yes, that’s right – two of the hotties are single. Here’s everything you need to know:

Lee Jung-jae (Gi-hun, player 456)

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The show’s main character, Gi-hun, is played by 48-year-old Lee Jung-jae. Born in 1972 and a South Korean actor and model, Lee has been dating Lim Sae-ryeong since January 2015. Lim graduated New York University back in 2015 and she’s the eldest daughter of Lim Chang-wook who is chairman of Daesang Group. She’s also the ex-wife of Samsung’s chairman, Lee Jae-yong.

Jung Ho-yeon (Kae Sang-byeok, player 067)

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Player 067 is played by Jung Ho-yeon who is dating 36-year-old South Korean actor Lee Dong-hwi. The couple announced their relationship back in January 2016 but quickly faced criticism due to the nine-year age gap as Jung was only 21-years-old at the time and Lee was around 30-years-old.

Park Hae-Soo (Sang-Woo, player 218)

39-year-old Park Hae-soo plays Sang-Woo, and he likes to keep his relationship out of the spotlight. On January 14 2019 Park got married to his wife and on 29 September 2021, he announced his wife had given birth to a son!! He also said his wife and son are in good health, which is lovely.

Anupam Tripathi (Ali, player 199)

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Abdul Ali is played by 32-year-old Anupam Tripathi and he is actually single!! Apparently he loves to spend time with his friends and enjoys sharing photos of them on his social media. So I can confirm he is just as wholesome in real life.

Oh Young-soo (Oh Il-nam, player 001)

Oh Young-soo plays Il-nam and he is 76-years-old! He seems really reserved about his personal life and hasn’t really said anything about his marriage. But we do know he is married, he has been married since 1998 and has two sons. Both of his sons are attempting to break into the acting industry like their dad.

Gong Yoo (the recruiter)

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Gong Yoo plays the recruiter and would you BELIEVE this man is 42-years-old?? I want whatever he’s drinking please. He also considered himself to be too young to get married and he’s not actually dating anyone at the minute. Gong has previously said: “Dating someone has become hard for me because I got used to being simple, I won’t try randomly choosing a partner and just leave things to chance.”

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