Jung Ho-yeon and Lee Dong-hwi

Everything we know about Squid Game’s Jung Ho-yeon and actor Lee Dong-hwi’s relationship

They’re so stylish it hurts

Everyone is talking about Squid Game on Netflix right now. And even though it’s only been on Netflix for a short amount of time, fans of the show have fallen deeply in love with the characters and we’re desperate to know everything about them. One character in particular is Player 067, Kang Sae-Byeok, who is played by Jung ho-yeon. She’s a queen and fans have just discovered she’s been dating the same guy for years!!! Here’s everything we know about the relationship between Jung Ho-yeon and Lee Dong-hwi:

Okay first up, who is Lee Dong-hwi??

Lee Dong-hwi is a 36-year-old South Korean actor. He has been acting since 2013 and his latest acting job is in a TV series called Glitch. It’s about a girl who attempts to tracks down her boyfriend (played by Lee) with the help of a UFO club. It’s apparently meant to come out on Netflix this year but it’s still yet to drop.

Lee Dong-hwi is also part of a band called EXO and over on Instagram he’s got 1.4 million followers!!

Jung Ho-yeon and Lee Dong-hwi have been in a relationship for six years!!

The couple first announced their relationship publicly in January 2016. But when they first started dating, their relationship was criticised due to their nine-year age gap as Jung Ho-yeon was only 21-years-old at the time and he was around 30-years-old. But clearly they’ve got themselves through it!! J’adore a power couple x

They’re the most fashionable couple you’ll ever see

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Their style is insanely good. Apparently they were known as the “fashionista couple” when they started dating. Just look at this incredible selection of photos Jung posted onto her grid:

The pair also met over a mutual love of fashion! There are several photos that were taken at the start of their relationship which showed Lee Dong-hwi photographed at different fashion shows supporting Jung.

Jung Ho-yeon is a incredible model and works with a lot of professionals for her job and Lee Don-hwi clearly loves to show off his own unique fashion. They’re literally the coolest couple on the planet.

They’ve never posted each other on Instagram

Every couple uses social media differently and Jung Ho-yeon and Lee Dong-hwi decide to keep their relationship private. Both of them seem to use their Instagram for work stuff only.

In an interview with Herald Pop, Jung Ho-yeon revealed that her boyfriend is very proud of her and the success of Squid Game. Since the show dropped on Netflix, Jung Ho-yeon (who plays player 067) has become hugely popular – she’s gained millions of Instagram followers in just three weeks. She told Herald Pop, “Since he’s an actor, he’s a good senior, a good friend, and a good person. He cheers me on a lot, and he worries for me as well. He’s sort of like a dad.”

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