Squid Game character quiz

Take this quiz and find out which Squid Game character you’re spiritually aligned to

Not everyone can be Ali x

Squid Game is a great series. The games are fantastic and the costumes are incredible. But what really makes the series iconic is the characters. Gi-hun is a total babe and I feel the exact same way about Kang Sae-Byeok and I know for a fact we all have the same love for our Squid Game king, Ali. But after finishing the series, it all comes down to the ultimate question: Which character from Squid Game am I spiritually aligned with?

No one wants to be the old man, obviously, but you’d much rather be lumbered with him than Sang-Woo. And unfortunately, we can’t all be Ali – so we need a scientific method in order to separate the Alis from the Sang-Woos. Luckily for you, that’s the exact purpose of this Squid Game quiz. Take our quiz below and find out which Squid Game character you are:

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