Little Mix trivia quiz

Only a die-hard Mixer is getting 15/15 on this Little Mix trivia quiz

If you don’t know the Sweet Melody choreography don’t bother

Little Mix are the nation’s sweethearts. Nay – they are our national treasures. For almost 10 years, since they first sang their hearts out to us during the 2011 X Factor live shows as Rhythmix, they’ve been a girl band that the entire country took completely into their hearts. In a way that many girl bands like Girls Aloud and The Saturdays never managed to do, Little Mix became loved by pretty much everyone. Whether that was your younger sister or your nan, everyone has time for Little Mix. Why? Because they’re amazing vocalists, down to earth girls and EXCELLENT pop stars. But can you get full marks in this Little Mix trivia quiz and prove how big a fan you actually are?

How well do you know all their banging singles? Do you know your DNAs from your Sweet Melodies? Do you know the difference between a Thirlwall and an Edwards? Can you name the child of Perrie and Alex off the top of your head? Can you remember exactly which judge on The X Factor put our gals together in the first place? Do you know who Little Mix have supported on tour? If he’s the man but you’ve got the, you’ve got the, you’ve got the power then take this Little Mix trivia quiz and prove it:

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