Jesy Nelson Boyz video

Jesy Nelson’s controversial solo single is out and people have a LOT to say about the video

‘Does she think she’s one of us?’

Well, the self titled “UK Baddie” has finally arrived with her debut song Boyz. Featuring the antivaxxer that “went to school with Marg-ret Thatch-or” herself, Nicki Minaj. And despite frequent allegations of blackfishing over the last year, Jesy Nelson has stuck to her guns and released her solo single and video to a largely critical response. Of course, when big pop moments like this happen, Twitter will always explode into a cacophony of opinion. Here are some of the best Twitter reactions to Boyz, the debut solo single and music video by notorious bad boy dater Jesy Nelson.

1. Where are the bad boys you speak of in your love life please Jesy?

2. The Beaker energy of that music video is unbelievable

3. Who signed off on these lyrics please

4. The question on everyone’s lips

5. A tough day to be a Nelsonator

6. I would have preferred this aesthetic than what we got

7. Bad boyz for life though!

8. Sorry but what is happening here may I ask

9. Our Lord and saviour Alexandra Burke did it better let’s face it

10. And why did she just stare at him eating a lolly???

11. Very, very, very that

12. Can’t stop thinking about this

13. Everything about it is so off

14. She will never live down that balegdeh energy

15. Her appearance on Capital FM this morning to promote Boyz has gone down badly

16. MNEK, who has written several of Little Mix’s hits with them whilst Jesy Nelson was still in the band, tweeted some shade

17. And then an important thread


19. VERY sus

20. Jesy Nelson is so brave for sitting on that roof 

21. Why is nobody saying anything to her? Where are her team?

Listen to Boyz by Jesy Nelson and Nicki Minaj to make your own mind up by watching the video here.

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