It’s official: Half of all student smokers only smoke when they’re drunk

Has anyone got a spare ciggy???

Half of all student smokers only smoke cigarettes after they’ve had a few drinks, according to a Tab survey of over 1,000 students.

The Tab also found that half of ALL students say they smoke cigarettes while a quarter instead opt for a vape.

Here are the findings of The Tab’s Student Survey 2021 in full:

The Tab Student Smoking Survey 2021

52 per cent of students who took our survey say they smoke cigarettes.

25 per cent of students said they vape.

23 per cent of students think that vaping makes you smoke more cigarettes.

52 per cent of students who smoke, say they only do so when they are drunk.

26 per cent of students who smoke say they started while at university.

19 per cent of students who smoke started at college, while 18 per cent began smoking when they were still at school.

10 per cent of students who smoke have 10 cigarettes every day.

16 per cent of students who smoke have five cigarettes every day.

• 10 per cent of students who smoke have 1-2 cigarettes a day.

• 12 per cent of students who smoke have a couple of cigarettes every week.

Why do we want to smoke more when we’re drunk?


So although to many full-time smokers it’s really annoying when some pissed-up fresher comes begging for a spare cig in the smoking area, there’s actually a chemical reason behind their sudden drunken craving for a blem.

According to research by Dr John Dani, nicotine can “strengthen neuronal connections” in the brain creating powerful memory associations.

Basically, when you’re out on lash with your mates and you have a cig, that nicotine helps reinforce in your brain the idea that you’re having a good time.

Then the next time you’re out drinking, it reminds you of that moment and you crave a cig.

“I remember recently finishing an experiment with a colleague, and we went to a bar,” Dr Dani told Vice. “I had known him for many years and never knew he smoked, but then he admitted he could really go for a cigarette.

“He said he hadn’t smoked in 20 years, not since high school. But now he has a few drinks and feels the urge to smoke.”

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