Glasgow Uni is housing freshers in halls miles away from the city centre

The university’s main halls are oversubscribed

Glasgow University is housing some unlucky freshers in private accommodation miles outside the city centre.

MyPad halls is located in Paisley and is a 41 minute journey on public transport away from Glasgow.

Glasgow University has said that the pandemic is to blame for an “unprecedented” number of applications to uni which in turn led to halls becoming oversubscribed.

This is what the halls in Paisley looks like from the outside.


I’m getting a lot of grey

And this is an example of one of the rooms.

I’m still getting a lot of grey

The kitchens don’t look bad at all to be fair but they are, crucially, eight miles away from Glasgow.


One student, who is frustrated with the accommodation situation in Glasgow was motivated to start a petition. It reads: “Students who were offered one form of accommodation have been moved to others, which are more expensive, with little communication.”

“There are students who are still waiting to hear if they will have somewhere to live just over two weeks before they were due to move in.

“For many, this is their first time away from home and the undue stress instigated by the University of Glasgow will affect the mental wellbeing of those involved.”

A spokesperson for the University of Glasgow told The Times: “We understand the concern students have about finding accommodation for the new semester and we appreciate searching for a flat can feel daunting.

“As part of the process to meet our guarantee we are working with students and are offering accommodation in Glasgow and the city centre, plus some rooms in a purpose-built residence in Paisley.”

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