Doctor Who alien quiz

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which naff Doctor Who alien you are

Look, we can’t all be a Slitheen

Right. Let us not beat around the bush or mince our words. Not all the monsters and aliens the Doctor and their various companions have had come up against them in the revived series’ run on the BBC have been particularly menacing. Not every foe can join the great ranks of adversaries like the Daleks and the Cybermen. For every Weeping Angel, Ood and Vashta Nerada the Tardis took us to be terrified by, we got lumped with an equal amount of absolute stinkers who are mostly so bad that they’re iconic anyway. And this quiz will tell you which Doctor Who alien that missed the mark you really are.

Some are out to frighten, some are out to annoy and some are just blobs of fat running back off into space. But who will you end up as underneath your human veneer when you take this deeply exposing and probing Doctor Who alien quiz? Will you be plotting a Cardiff power station explosion like Margaret Slitheen? Will you be scaring absolutely no one as the stretchy skin legend Cassandra? Are you more of a big blob of green skin with faces on who sports a cane and a Bolton accent? Guess there’s only one way you’re finding out…

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