Love Island house party quiz

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which Islander you’d get stuck talking to at a party

Would honestly rather never go out again than get stuck talking to Hugo

The Love Island contestants of 2021 never manage to truly get drunk. But after eight weeks of watching them all mingle and pull each other for intense chats every night it’s not too difficult to decipher which Islanders I’d love to be stuck talking to at a party and which I’d avoid like the plague. Alcohol fuelled or sober, it’s easy to work out quick who you’d want to share your mixer with and spend hours chatting shite in a smoking area with and who’d be forcing you to call an emergency Uber home after being cornered by them for an hour in a stranger’s kitchen. If you’ve ever found yourself pondering which Love Island girl or guy you’d be cornered by at a party, then this is definitely the quiz for you.

Let’s be real. We all want to be stuck with Love Island alumni like Chloe, Millie, Kaz or Lib at a pres, party or afters, but I’m afraid not everyone gets that lucky in this quiz. Think of it less of a quiz and more of a vibe check. And a very scientific one at that. Are you going to end up causing after party mayhem with Toby and Chloe? Are you going to be running for your life from Danny? Are you going to be cowering under the kitchen table to avoid hurricane Faye? Or are you going to be stuck in the corner of the living room being forced by Hugo to watch all the evil TikToks he’s made since leaving the villa? Only one way to find out.

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