Love Island Nando's order

Order a Nando’s and we’ll tell you what 2021 Love Islander you are

If you get Priya just throw your order in the bin

You might think that what a person orders at Nando’s isn’t actually that important in the grand scheme of things, but I’m afraid you would simply be wrong. It actually determines quite definitively whether or not I’d want to be friends with you. And after six weeks of Love Island trials and tribulations, rollercoasters of emotions and a gamut of ups and downs, I’m running out of ways to test whether I’d be mates with the Love Island cast of 2021. On Tuesday they could be the sexiest man alive and then on Wednesday they could break your heart in Casa Amor. It’s too fickle! The only way I can truly test Love Island decency is by scientifically guessing their Nando’s order. And now, thanks to the magic of science, you can see which Love Islander you are based purely on that peri peri infused verdict.

So, what Love Island icon of 2021 will your Nando’s order declare you as? Will you be scranning the food equivalent of a Brexit vote like I imagine Jake chows down on? Will you be eating the chicest, most fashion forward, Diet Coke accompanied finessed Nando’s like the villa’s ASOS queen Millie? Will you be blowing your fuse with a fiery extra hot like Faye? Or, most importantly, will you have a plate that makes no sense and is unrelenting chaos like power couple Toby and Chloe? FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF!

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