Doctor Who companion quiz

Take this timey wimey quiz and we’ll tell you which Doctor Who companion you are

We can’t all be Donna

The iconic women who have graced Doctor Who as the titular character’s companions are honestly the backbone of the show  as far as I’m concerned. If the companion isn’t good, the season will fall on its arse. But do you know what? The companions are nearly ALWAYS good. When they aren’t, it’s usually down to some dodgy writing where the writers haven’t got a clue what to do with the characters. Or too many cooks spoiling the Tardis broth. But overall – the Tardis companions are sci-fi legends. And this quiz will finally tell you which Doctor Who companion you really are. Deep down. And as much as you might want to be, we can’t all be Rose or Donna.

I’ve made the executive decision to jib off the entire lot of the Jodie Whittaker era assistants, because to be honest there are too bloody many of them and I hate a cramped Tardis. They’re more of a collective unit than a sole companion you could end up being, so hard luck to Ryan, Yaz and Graham. Have you got the charming cockney chops of Rose? The get-shit-done girlboss fire and intelligence of Martha? The heart of gold of Donna? The stubborn independence of Amy? The good vibes of Bill? Or the… whatever the hell boring thing Clara has. Guess this Doctor Who companion quiz is your only way to find out.

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