Quiz: Can you guess which morphed child belongs to which set of Love Island parents?

Toby and Chloe would have some very cute kids

Last night’s Love Island episode featured the classic baby challenge and we finally got to see what the Islanders would be like as parents. Looking after their toy babies seemed like quite a task for the majority of them – Faye literally hid in the wardrobe to avoid her child – so the likelihood of a new Love Island baby is looking pretty slim. However if the couples were to have kids, what would they look like?

Well we’ve designed a quiz to see just how well you know the Islanders by morphing their pictures together to create an image of their future child. And they are some cute kids!

The Faceapp allows you to make people look different ages, genders or switch up their hair styles. And as part of the app you can morph two pictures together in order to create a future child.

So you can you tell which morphed child belongs to which set of Love Island parents? Take our quiz to find out:

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