Stormzy, Margot Robbie and Noah Schnapp: All the celebs who are big fans of Love Island

Margot Robbie once had a Love Island themed birthday party


Let’s face it we’re probably never going to have much in common with celebrities. They’re talented, attractive and live in million pound mansions. Whereas we live in crappy student houses that probably have mould in every single room, scrapping by to get a 2:1 and can’t remember the last time we got a match on Hinge. However the one thing we will always have common with the A-Listers is our mutual enjoyment of watching Love Island.

Yes that’s right, Love Island is extremely popular with celebrities too. A few of them are even in a group chat about it – that’s how dedicated they are. They tweet about it, slide into the DMs of Islanders and very occasionally make an appearance in the villa. Lucky for some.

These are the celebrities who have shared their love of Love Island over the years:


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Most Love Island fans will remember the iconic moment when Stormzy appeared on Love Island in 2017. Stormzy was a big fan of the show that season and would frequently tweet his opinions, including the infamous tweet in which he said Chris was too good for Olivia.

He then surprised the cast a few weeks later and had a rather awkward chat with Liv where he said there were no hard feelings. Rather you than me Stormzy.

Margot Robbie

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It doesn’t get more A-List than Margot Robbie and yet the actress is just like us – obsessed with Love Island.

Over the years Margot has expressed her love of the show numerous times. She first spoke about it during the 2018 season when she shared her excitement of Dr Alex comparing Megan Barton Hanson to herself. For series four she was gunning for Jack and Dani to win.

In early 2020 Margot even met a few of the Islanders when Jordan Hames, Michael Griffiths and Lucie Donlan attended a premier of hers. From the pictures it was honestly hard to tell who was more of a fan girl – Margot or the Islanders.

Margot is probably even more obsessed than anyone else as she had a Love Island themed party for her 31st birthday where all the girls dressed in bikinis and high heels. She naturally has a personalised water bottle as well.

In an interview with The Sun in 2022 said: “This hasn’t been the best Love Island season ever, but that hasn’t stopped me watching it. Paige has probably been my favourite — but for pure entertainment I think Davide and Ekin-Su have made the season. Love Island reminds me of living in London — watching it with my girlfriends when everybody was home from work.”

Lena Dunham

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Ever since moving to Wales to film a TV show in 2019 Lena Dunham has been obsessed with Love Island, so much so she even wrote an entire piece for the Guardian about it.

During the piece she compared herself to Lucie, Amy and Amber for the heartbreak they experienced in their season. And like everyone else she shared her deep love for Maura calling her “fun” and “feisty”.

A year later Lena was crossing her fingers and toes for a celebrity edition of Love Island which she said she’d love to be part of in an interview with Cosmopolitan.


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She’s practically queen of England at this rate, so of course Adele watches Love Island and even speaks about it in Wembley arena.

Back in 2017 Adele referenced Love Island on stage and Gabby Allen in particular when she said Gabby’s mum probably wouldn’t be proud of her daughter.

Adele said: “I mean Love Island shall we talk about that? Jesus Christ. My husband and I watched it last night. Real people have real sex on real TV.

“When that girl [Gabby] Facetimed her mum ‘mum are you proud of me?’ No she ain’t. No she fucking ain’t proud of you! You tramp.”

Adele has more recently referenced Love Island when she appeared on SNL in October two years ago and said her love life was so bad she should apply for the show.

Lily James

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During the promotion of Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again Lily James revealed she is a big Love Island fan. In an interview with Rochelle Humes, Lily said she wanted Jack and Dani to win season four but that season two would always be her favourite.

She said: “For me it would be season two forever, Alex and Olivia, and Cara and Nathan, and Scott and Kady. I hope they’re watching. Big fan.” That same year Lily had a Love Island viewing party complete with some of her Mamma Mia co-stars.

Millie Bobby Brown

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You would think Millie Bobby Brown would have too much to do to be watching Love Island but turns out she’s a celebrity who likes it just as much as us.

The first time Millie’s love of the show was mentioned was when Dani Dyer revealed the two had been DMing after Millie sent her a message. The pair chatted and even had plans to go for lunch.

A year later Millie DMed and followed Amber Gill on Instagram and they also had made plans to meet up. Is this now the prize for winning Love Island? A meal with Millie?

And during the 2019 season Millie was very vocal about the boys’ antics in particular calling Jordan out and said he was playing Anna.

via Instagram @milliebobbybrown

She wrote: “Anna: Jordan is playing you girl go be with Ovie and India should be with Jordan…. Omg Im quaking… Anna u are too good for him okurrrr”.

Noah Schnapp

celebrities who like Love Island noah lucinda

via Instagram @noahschnapp

Millie’s isn’t the only Stranger Things cast member to enjoy Love Island as she’s introduced her co-star Noah Schnapp to the show as well and he’s been sliding into the DMs too.

During the 2018 version when he was 13 years old he commented on a number of Ellie Brown’s post with one comment saying “hi” and another saying he watched the show with Millie.

And three years later it appeared Noah was still just as invested as Lucinda revealed he messaged her on Instagram. According to Lucinda, Noah messaged her saying he loved her and she killed it on the show. Cute.

In 2022, Noah continued showing off his love for the show and was definitely Team Ekin-Su and Davide. After the couple’s win was announced Noah commented on Ekin-Su’s Instagram post saying “Yes!!!”. Earlier in the season Noah also commented “hi” on a post of Jacques’ from 2020.

Chrissy Teigen

celebrities who like Love Island

via Instagram @chrissyteigen

Chrissy Teigen is a fan of both the UK and US Love Island. How does she keep up with both?

Chrissy often tweets her feelings and questions about the Love Island series she has been watching, including her devastation in finding out which couples had broken up from season one.

In the past she’s sparked a debate when asking her followers to give her a comparison between English and American towns after watching the show. And of course like most of us she’s tweeted saying she hates one cast member in particular. Sadly she didn’t name names.

Nicola Coughlan

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Bridgerton’s Lady Whistledown aka Nicola Coughlan is a big fan of Love Island. Ahead of the 2022 final Nicola shared a picture of Davide and Ekin-Su and labelled them her winners as she said: “There’s only one correct choice, love them.”

Greg James

Radio 1 DJ and presenter Greg James was featured as part of the montage of celebrity fans wishing previous finalists good luck. During his video Greg said he wanted Davide and Ekin-Su to win.

Greg also shared the first video he said he wanted to send in in which he referenced Andrew’s iconic tit moment. Greg said: “I’m so excited for the Love Island final, I could lick my own tit or whatever.” Disappointed to say the least they didn’t include the clip.

Richard Curtis and Emma Freud

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Richard Curtis, the writer of Love Actually and Notting Hill, along with his partner Emma Freud, are big fans of Love Island. During the 2019 series Richard called Maura “hilarious” and said he was a fan of Lucie.

In a celebrity montage on the show, the couple thanked the Islanders for “months of entertainment” and hope they have years (or days) of happiness together.

Ed Balls

celebrities who like Love Island

via ITV

Former Labour MP Ed Balls is a big fan of Love Island and often shares his thoughts on the episodes whilst presenting Good Morning Britain on ITV, after his daughter finally allowed him to watch the show with her.

Throughout the 2022 series he was a big fan of Paige and Danica, going so far as to suggest Danica could win the show. He said: “I think she is really, really cool and she’s strong, she’s been really persistent and I think the country out there loves her.. so you know… I wonder.”

Like the rest of us Ed was not the biggest fan of Luca Bish and defended Gemma during movie night when the clip of Billy and Gemma “flirting” was shown.

Ed said: “I thought in the first week or so, Gemma, Michael Owen’s daughter, had a bad start, but actually, I think she has really done well. Luca, last night, it was disastrous. What was he doing?

“They’re on a show called Love Island, right? They’re supposed to flirt with each other. Gemma, as far as I can see, had a pretty mild conversation with Billy, and Luca last night was ‘I’ve been betrayed, no bird treats me like that’. It was awful.”

Ed said he and his family were very happy to see Davide and Ekin-Su crowned the winners.

The WhatsApp group

celebrities who like Love Island

via Instagram @jessieware

Celebrities enjoying Love Island on their own is all well and good but Jessie Ware and her celeb pals have taken it one step further.

In an episode of her podcast Table Manners Jessie revealed she and a number of celebs are part of a big WhatsApp group which is dedicated to Love Island.

Jonathan Ross is part of the group and Jessie said she would be inviting Olly Alexander to join the group as well. Not jealous at all.

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