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Quiz: Can you remember the backstory of these iconic Love Island memes?

But why is Amber making that face?


There are some Love Island memes which are truly iconic. They are continually used on the Twitter timeline long after their season ends thanks to the sheer universality of the Islanders’ expressions. They will probably go down in the history books for being legendary but just like many legends their origin story is often forgotten. So it’s time to test just how well you remember the backstories of the iconic Love Island memes with our quiz.

Hardly an evening of Love Island watching and Twitter scrolling goes by without seeing that picture of Ovie with his eyes popping out or Molly-Mae peering through the bushes whilst filling up her water bottle. Though they work perfectly well to sum up new reactions, it’s easy to forget what the Islanders were originally making the expression for. Was Ovie making the face because Anton and Belle were fighting or because Anna dumped Jordan?

To see how well you remember the iconic Love Island memes and what caused them, take our quiz:

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