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These are the biggest Love Islander feuds which have happened after the show

Never forget Josh and Theo’s eye drama

Love Island would be a far less entertaining show without the many arguments the cast have. Last night’s episode was top tier entertainment thanks to all the Islanders, mainly Faye, popping off at each other. But the fighting isn’t over once the cameras have stopped rolling. Every year after the show wraps there are numerous arguments and feuds between ex Islanders.

Over the years Islanders have accused each other of bullying, had fights over bridesmaids’ responsibilities and thrown major shade at each other for dating their exes.

And it’s not just Islanders from the same season, often in the tangled Love Island web contestants from different series will start beefing with each other.

These are the biggest Love Island feuds that have happened after the show:

Olivia, Alex and Malin

Back in the good old days a lot of the Love Islanders’ feuds went down on Twitter and Olivia, Alex and Malin from series two had some series beef on Twitter.

During a promo for series three Alex and Olivia were discussing who they kept in contact with from their season. During this they called Malin “irrelevant” when Olivia said: “I can’t remember her name she went out with Terry the first time…” and Alex went onto say: “Oh that one, she’s completely irrelevant to everyone’s lives so I dunno who it is. Does it begin with M? Mary? Mary that was it.”

Malin responded to the shade on Twitter by calling Alex and Olivia “bullies”. She wrote: “If I’m that irrelevant why the hell am I on your mind.. fucking bullies.”

And it didn’t stop there. Olivia and Malin both went onto accuse the other of blocking them first. Malin then liked a tweet about Olivia being irrelevant when Alex was shagging Zara.

The tweet read: “Alex B and Olivia Buck called Malin irrelevant- imagine their faces if Malin replied with how irrelevant Olivia was when Alex was shagging Zara.”

Olivia went onto clarify she and Alex made the original comments as “dry humour”.

Olivia and Cara

via Instagram @cara_delahoyde

Olivia has had not one, but two post Love Island fall outs. She ended her friendship with season two winner Cara De La Hoyde during her wedding preparations.

Olivia and Cara were firm friends and everyone was expecting Cara to be one of Olivia’s bridesmaids, however Cara was dropped from the wedding party because the two drifted apart and Olivia claimed there was no time to get Cara’s dress fitted. This ultimately led to Cara not attending Olivia’s wedding at all and the two not speaking. Olivia also said she had major trust issues with everyone around the time of her wedding.

However since the pandemic the two have become friends again after spending two years not speaking.

Olivia told OK! magazine the pandemic had made her realise what’s important. She said: “She’s doing so well and she looks amazing. Delilah is gorgeous – I’m so proud. I can’t wait to see them and get things sorted and go back to how we were.

“I can’t believe it’s been two years since we spoke. This time with what’s been going on with coronavirus has taught me what’s important.”

Amber and Kady

via Instagram @amb_d, @kadymcdermott

Kady and Amber’s began their rather one sided feud when Amber first appeared on Love Island in 2017 and Kady spoke out about her.

Kady was annoyed by the comparisons between the two and that Amber had also been called a “pocket rocket” like Kady  had the year previously. Kady also expressed irritation at Amber and Kem’s relationship being compared to her relationship with Scott.

On Twitter she said: “Can people stop comparing Amber and Kem to mine and Scott’s relationship. They won’t last five minutes.”

In January after Amber had won Love Island, Kady went onto reveal she had been blocked by Amber and said she wasn’t impressed by her on the show.

Speaking to The Sun Kady said: “I wasn’t surprised to hear Amber and Kem had split. Amber is not as genuine as Kem. I wasn’t impressed by her on the show.

“I’ve never met Amber – and I don’t plan on meeting her either. She has blocked me on Twitter actually. People forget it was my series that got the ratings up. We made the show big.”

Things then got even more awkward when Amber was accused of copying Kady’s look after wearing the identical outfit to the NTAs, a year after Kady had worn the piece.

And a month later there were rumours Amber and Kady’s ex Scott Thomas had spent the night together, a rumour Scott denied, stating the pair were just friends.

Kady however said the pictures of Amber on her sofa were incredibly disrespectful  and she wishes she’d followed her gut instinct. Speaking to the Daily Mail, Kady said: “I am very upset to hear that Scott spent the night with Amber especially as he knows we do not get on. I wish I had followed my gut instincts months ago when I first began to suspect.

“I’m hurt that Scott allowed her into the apartment we used to share together and I feel Amber’s behaviour to share snaps of herself on the sofa I bought for our home very disrespectful.”

Josh and Theo

Josh from season four and Theo from season three’s fall out came about after Theo started dating Josh’s ex Kaz Crossley. It was all going fine until Theo was partially blinded in one eye after being hit with a champagne cork.

That same day Josh tweeted the “And I oop” meme just hours after Theo’s accident and was accused of mocking him. Josh quickly deleted the picture and according to Kaz he sent an apology message to Theo.

via Instagram @theo_campbell91

However it didn’t end there. A few weeks later Theo then shared an Instagram story which appeared to show Josh in a club holding one hand over his eye. Theo called Josh out in the post and said he was a little weasel.

Theo wrote: “Six months of this little weasel taking little digs at me and Kaz for what… your ex moved on. I actually don’t care about anything you do or say. All I ask is make sure you have this energy next time I see you. Always kissing ass like a little beg. Lol.”

Theo then shared another screenshot of a Whatsapp message allegedly from Josh in which Josh wished him luck with his eye. Theo wrote over the screenshot calling Josh a “snake”.

Theo soon deleted the screenshots as he didn’t want “end up on another meme page” and the drama seemed to end there.

Lucie, Luke and Demi

During last year’s lockdown there were still plenty of Love Island feuds happening, with the biggest happening between Lucie, Luke M and Demi.

Shortly after leaving the winter Love Island villa Demi and Luke broke up, and he swiftly started dating Lucie from the previous year’s series. However before Lucie and Luke M confirmed their relationship there was some serious caption beef happening between the girls.

Lucie posted a picture with the caption “Just recently I’ve been catching feelings….not flights.” Three days later Demi posted a picture of herself saying “Honey.. you should take my advice catch that flight, not the feeling.” Many fans believed this was a direct dig at Lucie.

Then the day it was rumoured Luke M and Lucie were dating, Demi tweeted “Girlllllllll, know your worth” with a yawn emoji but went onto clarify it was not about Lucie.

The drama appeared to be cleared up until November last year when Demi explained the reason for her and Luke’s breakup in a YouTube video. During the video Demi claimed Luke stopped replying to her during lockdown and then called her out of the blue saying he needed to end their relationship.

She then went onto suggest Luke and Lucie had been talking during lockdown and that’s why he ended their relationship suddenly. Luke hopped onto Instagram to dismiss the claims and said Demi had tried to keep their relationship going whilst promoting a clothing range.

via Instagram @lucierosedonlan

Luke also said he began dating Lucie two weeks after he broke up with Demi. And the drama continued when Lucie called out Demi’s YouTube video saying it was “totally unnecessary and uncalled for” and no thought had been given to them or their families.

Lucie and Yewande

Earlier this year Lucie was also involved in another Love Island feud when she accused Yewande of bullying her in the villa.

In a Instagram comment Lucie was asked how she felt about Yewande saying she was a “horrible person” to which Lucie replied claiming Yewande had bullied her in the villa.

She said: “She’s always bullied me, I’m not bothered about her opinion…makes her look bad😏not sure where she said that though.”

Yewande quickly responded to the allegations on Twitter, saying Lucie wouldn’t say her name properly when they were on the show together. Amy Hart and Amber Gill both rushed to Yewande’s defence.

Amy told her followers there was so much viewers don’t see on the programme and Amber clarified she was the one who was annoyed at Lucie for how she spoke to Yewande and Yewande spoke calming during the interaction with Lucie.

Lucie went onto defend her comments in the Daily Mail saying she had trouble pronouncing Yewande’s name as it’s “just what I’m like”.

Curtis, Maura and Chris

Late last year we were all shocked and happy to see Chris and Maura had coupled up, however one person who wasn’t too happy was Maura’s ex Curtis.

Curtis spoke out about the pairing saying he felt “betrayed” and questioned if Maura had cheated on him.

Speaking to The Sun, Curtis said: “I feel betrayed by them both – two people I was very close to. When I saw the pictures, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel hurt. I was upset. How long has this truly been going on for?

“At the time I was accused of cheating, but I never did. I was always faithful to Maura. If you look back on everything – and I am looking back on it now – I’m like, ‘Curtis, all the signs were bloomin’ there, why didn’t you realise then?’

“You just don’t when you are in that situation. You trust what they say. Now her true colours are shown. They said they would never ever be together, and here they are.”

Curtis also hit out at Chris as he felt he supported him in the villa even when Chris told him he fancied Maura.

He said: “When we were on Love Island, Chris was upset in the villa a lot. I supported him and backed him up. I was a really good person to Chris — and he told me then that he fancied Maura. But later on it all disappeared.”

Sadly Maura and Chris have now split up so there was no point for the feud anyway.

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