Enough is enough, Jake needs to be dumped from the Love Island villa

He had a lucky escape last night

There are some villains on Love Island you just love to watch. For some reason no one can take their eyes away from the chaotic king Toby and we all love the husky voiced queen that is Chloe Burrows. However there are some villains you cannot stand to watch another minute of and desperately want to be voted off. I am of course talking about Jake.

Ever since he first stepped in the villa, no one has been a fan. Whether it’s his toe obsession, leading the boys astray in Casa Amor or not treating Liberty right. And quite frankly it’s his time to go.

Last night he got a lucky escape from being dumped from the villa after the public quite rightfully didn’t vote for him to be their favourite Islander. If it wasn’t for Liberty being so in love with him he would have been gone in the first week and he truthfully doesn’t deserve her.

This is every reason Jake needs to be dumped from the villa immediately:

The way he handled the movie night tapes

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Faye’s reaction to movie night obviously overshadowed Jake’s questionable reaction, so it’s time to address it.

Rather than being concerned with Liberty and how she would be feeling after she just saw a tape saying he didn’t fancy her, he went off in a strop because Faye called him out on his shit.

He got angry and irritated for Faye being rightfully annoyed he was encouraging the boys to get with other girls. His whole reaction was self centred and he appeared to not even understand why the girls would be upset at the betrayal of his trust and loyalty.

His insistence on calling Liberty his girlfriend to justify his behaviour

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Jake’s treatment of Liberty after the movie night episode was the collective moment we all decided Jake was trash.

After Liberty saw the clip of Jake saying early on in the show he didn’t want to “rip her clothes off” she shared how hurt she was with him. Though he listened he was mainly defensive in his comeback, gaslighting her by saying she wouldn’t be his girlfriend if he didn’t find her attractive.

But it’s not good enough. Liberty deserved reassurance and confidence boosting that she was the sexiest girl in the world, not to make her question herself.

The next day she brought it up again and he still carried on with the girlfriend excuse. It’s not a get of jail free card to just constantly say someone is your girlfriend and therefore all your bad behaviour is forgiven. It then didn’t help matters when he laughed and called her an idiot for expressing that she was having doubts in her attractiveness.

His constant use of the phrase ‘rip her clothes off’

I’m sorry but it is such an ick. Never has the phrase “rip her clothes off” been used so much in one show. Anytime a new girl enters the villa it’s the one question Jake asks the other lads.

When Toby was grafting to get Chloe back Jake kept on asking if he wanted to rip Chloe’s clothes off to which Toby said no he just wanted to hug her.

His encouragement of the lads at Casa Amor

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Let’s get one thing straight, Jake is not responsible for the cheating at Casa Amor, however he is certainly not innocent. At the end of the day the boys are all adults who can make decisions for themselves, regardless of what Jake said it was Liam who chose to kiss Lillie and it was Tyler who decided to cosy up to Clarisse.

But what has to be acknowledged is Jake’s encouragement. We all know boys can be like pack animals, who unlike girls, often need the confirmation of their mates to do something, therefore Jake telling the boys to go for it is basically giving them a pass to do what they want.

Perhaps even more worryingly is his basic lack of respect for the girls in the villa. It’s clear he’s a boys boy as he essentially acted as if the girls back in the villa didn’t exist anymore and told the boys to just crack on regardless of how it would hurt the girls he claimed were his friends.

The toe obsession

I’m not here to shame or make fun of fetishes. Go after what makes you feel good. But Jake’s foot obsession is just weird.

He literally filmed Kaz’s toes being sucked on the first night. Every time toes or feet are mentioned Jake pipes up and it is just cringe and a bit creepy to watch.

The bracelet makes it seem he had a game plan from the beginning

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From the day he stepped in the villa it’s been clear he’s had a game plan and he’s just taking Liberty along for the £50k ride. There is something unnatural in the way his and Liberty’s relationship works. She seems 100 per cent invested whereas for him it’s all about the outer appearances.

The clues are all there – the matching bracelets he bought in before knowing any of the girls. He was going to make one of them his girlfriend. Then of course there’s the ridiculous OTT proposal of asking Liberty to be his girlfriend. I don’t know about you but I cringed watching the entire thing. It wasn’t about Liberty, it was about making a spectacle and having all eyes on them.

And after she left the villa Islander AJ said Jake is a “game player”. Speaking to Capital FM she said: “I definitely think he’s game playing. That’s a game player right there, it’s very shady.

“He was the one egging it on being like, ‘boys you’re on holiday, you’ve got to do what you wanna do, you’ve got to get to know the girls.’ And now he’s come back and trying to fix things and trying to be this good guy.”

When Liberty told him she loved him and he said ‘aww bless you’

Possibly the worst part of his proposal was when Liberty told Jake she was falling in love with him, only for him to say “aww bless you”. Yet again Liberty wears her heart on her sleeve only for Jake not to return the feelings.

Fair enough if you don’t feel the same but don’t ask someone to be your girlfriend then. It is insulting and just painful to watch.

The hat

Just get out now.

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