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Faye apologises for her fight with Teddy saying there was ‘no excuse’ for her behaviour

‘I feel bad’

Following her explosive row with Teddy on Friday night’s episode Faye has apologised for the way she spoke to him.

In an unaired clip, shown on Love Island Aftersun last night, Faye expressed her regret over their argument and said there was no excuse for her behaviour in a chat with Millie and Chloe.

Speaking to the girls she said: “I feel bad, I feel shit that I blew up the way I did. I am sorry for what I done, there is no excuse for it, there is no excuse for the way I just flew out off the handle.

“But I just want to move forward with it. If anything, it’s made me realise what I want. Yesterday was like… well it makes you realise that if he was stood there and he went home, I would literally have been like that’s okay, because I’m off too.”

Millie went onto say Faye should offer Teddy an apology but he should also offer one to Faye as well.

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Faye’s apology comes after her argument with Teddy on Friday night’s episode after the girls watched a clip of Teddy in Casa Amor telling Clarisse he was sexually attracted to her.

The row ended in the couple breaking up as Faye felt she could no longer trust Teddy because he didn’t tell her the full story of Casa Amor.

During Friday night’s episode Faye swore 75 times with 57 of those being the F-word. Yes someone really did count her swearwords.

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Since the episode aired a domestic abuse charity has commented on the “unacceptable” behaviour of Faye and said it is a reminder men can be victims of domestic abuse too.

Mark Brooks from the ManKind Initiative charity told Metro he was pleased the public were recognising the behaviour and agreed with many who said the fight would not have been aired if the gender roles had been reversed.

He said: “The public are very clear that the behaviour shown is not acceptable and are particularly remarking that this includes when a man is on the receiving end.

“Some have said it would not have been shown if the genders were reversed which we agree, however, it does clearly remind us all how men can be and are victims of this behaviour and it is not only women.”

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ITV and Faye’s family have both issued statements following Friday’s episode. ITV said they take the wellbeing of their contestants seriously.

Faye’s family posted on her Instagram story saying that whilst they would not comment on the situation they urged people to remember Faye is “human” and will not always get everything right.

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