love island contract

An alleged leaked Love Island contract details restrictions placed on Islanders

Including the deals they could make after the show

A leaked Love Island contract has allegedly shown the level of control ITV allegedly has over the Islanders’ post villa life including what deals they can sign for, when they can appear on another TV show or podcast.

The alleged document leaked to The Sun is said to state that the Islanders “must not apply, audition for, or appear on any other programme until February 22.” The Sun also reports that the contract includes regulations on Love Islanders appearing on podcasts and they must not appear “without approval”.

According to The Sun, ITV has power over any commercial deals the Love Islanders may make the first month after the show finishes, irrespective of how long they were in the show for.

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An industry expert told The Sun the alleged contract was one of the “strictest” they’d ever seen and due to the Islanders’ lack of TV experience they may have not understood the implications of what they were signing.

They said: “Islanders will have been able to read what they are signing up for but it’s one of the strictest contracts I’ve ever seen – they have no experience of the industry so I doubt they would have understood the implications.

“Everyone knows as soon as you leave any reality show you have to strike while the iron is hot but ITV’s demands make that really hard.”

ITV told The Sun they would not comment on contracts.

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And it’s not just their lives after the villa which are so heavily detailed in the alleged contract but their time in the villa is apparently included as well.

In June The Sun alleged the Love Island contract said “nobody may fancy you” and there is no guarantee the show will make you famous.

The alleged document said: “There’s no guarantee as to how long your stay in the villa will last – you could be the first person to leave and nobody may fancy you.

“If you’re hoping that you will become famous by taking part in the show there are no guarantees that this will happen. It may not change your life in any way.”

The contract also allegedly states Love Islanders may be subject to negative attention and their behaviour and appearance would be up for scrutiny.

The Tab has contacted ITV for comment. 

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