Chloe Burrows Love Island 2021

Chloe from Love Island 2021 is a husky-voiced queen of chaos and I’m obsessed with her

I clap for Chloe Burrows every night at 9pm

Chloe Burrows. What. A. Woman. I don’t think there’s a single soul in Britain who doesn’t want to be her mate, date her, literally be her or even just get stomped on the head by her. Chloe Burrows is everything and more this dry season of Love Island needed. Together Chloe and our chaotic king Toby will dominate the villa. Forget clapping for the NHS, it’s time to clap for Chloe Burrows because she is bringing a fuck tonne of spice and entertainment to our mundane lives.

Her voice is husky and soothing

Straight off the bat, let’s get down to the reason why so many of us probably disliked Chloe at the start: her voice. Granted when you first hear it, it takes a while to get used to but bloody hell! Once you do get used to it, all you want is for Chloe to speak to you, hold you and tell you everything will be okay. Truth of the matter is, if you don’t like husky voices then you need to grow up.

Also her voice just adds to a drunk chaotic vibe she has going on. If I was sobbing in the club toilets and heard Chloe’s voice, my tears would dry immediately because I’d know I was with a girl WHO KNOWS HER SHIT.

‘I’m not gonna let someone take me for a prick NO WAY’

This whole situation was incredible. Her code switching has kept us entertained for WEEKS now. Every time she says “no way” I lose my mind. She has earned her title as an icon both on Love Island and on TikTok. If it wasn’t for Toby pieing Chloe off for Abigail, we would have been left without the best one-liner of the season: “I’m not gonna let someone take me for a prick NO WAY”. God, part of me wants to get this inked across my arm – that’s how much I love it.

I can hear this picture

When she said “It’s a violation, that’s very muggy”, I was shook to my core. And then to go on TikTok and see it become a trending sound just felt totally euphoric. THE QUEEN GETS WHAT THE QUEEN DESERVES!!

Speaking of not letting Toby take her for a prick, she recently re-coupled up with him

We all know a producer planted Toby just to wreak havoc but no one could have guessed Chloe Burrows making everything 10 times more entertaining on Love Island. As soon as Millie told her how Toby felt, it was GAME ON, she was so gassed and so was the entire nation because it meant we had our chaotic duo together.

Every single reaction she has to a shock re-coupling

this is ART

The girls in this villa deserve a BAFTA for their commitment to expressing the emotion of shock on national TV.

Chloe is just like the rest of us

Right so Chloe getting back with Toby just makes her automatically like any other girl ever who is willing to take back an ex. It honestly feels like I’m watching my best mate on Love Island and I LOVE IT. Even the simple stuff like when it was announced Mabel was doing a live performance and Chloe said “I fucking love Mabel” I FUCKING LOVE MABEL TOO. Ugh. J’adore her.

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