Quiz: I bet you can’t name a single one of these dumped Islanders from Love Island 2021


Did you know there have been 37 Love Island contestants so far this series? Obviously all of these have been dumped, except for the eight finalists who are still in the villa right now – meaning there’s a grand total of 27 dumped Islanders from Love Island 2021, including all 12 people from Casa Amor, plus Liberty and Jake who left the show at the end of last week.

But the thing is, I bet you can’t name a single one of these dumped Love Island 2021 contestants. For instance, did you even remember that Brad was on this year’s series? Or Shannon – remember her? And don’t even get me started on Casa Amor – can you tell your Jack from your Sam and your Harry (I promise these are real Casa Amor Islanders names, it’s not the cast of Mamma Mia)? Of course you can’t.

If there’s one thing Love Island breeds it’s not influencers with Pretty Little Thing deals, it’s people who’s faces you vaguely remember but who’s names utterly escape you. Kind of like your Year 4 PE teacher, or that boy you got with in Freshers’ Week and had to spend the rest of uni hiding from whenever you saw him in Big Sains.

Only a real Love Island aficionado would actually be able to name all these dumped Islanders from Love Island 2021. So prove you know your Lillie from your Lucinda and your Brett from your Brad, and take this quiz:

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