Love Island chefs: Can you match the grim attempt at cooking to the Islander who made it?

Some of these really stretch the definition of the word ‘cooking’

Something we don’t see often on Love Island is the Islanders cooking or eating. Yes, they have private catering to provide a lot of their food, and yes, there’s the classic reason given of it just not being nice to watch people eat, but I think the real reason for this is because of one simple fact: Not a single Love Islander can cook.

Every year there’s the bombshell date where a new Islander goes on three dinner dates in one night, choosing a different person to cook their starter, main and dessert. Then there’s usually a couple of times per series where a couple cooks dinner for the rest of the villa, and of course sometimes the Islanders choose to make food to try and impress the person they’re coupled up with. No, the daily iced coffees the boys make the girls don’t count.

There have been some truly horrific attempts at cooking by Love Islanders over the years, often involving either some grim form of toast, or a whole lot of whipped cream. But can you remember who cooked all of these Love Island meals? Take this quiz to find out:

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