The most iconic and cringeworthy Love Island entrances of all time

Never forget Curtis whipping off his cap and sunglasses when he saw Arabella


With the arrival of new Love Islander Brett Staniland, fans have taken to social media to share their reactions. While comparing him to Lord Farquaad from Shrek, Stingy from Lazy Town and wondering if a random producer just decided to go into the villa, it’s fair to say that Brett’s entrance was more cringe than iconic. Not to mention the “You can come and say hello if you want’’.

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There have been many surprise bombshells entering the villa to cause drama and step on people’s toes over the years. From Curtis whipping off his cap and sunglasses to get a better look at Arabella in the garden, to Maura strutting into the villa, here are the best and the worst Love Island entrances of all time:

Molly-Mae waiting in the hot tub

Cast your mind back to season five when Tommy got a text saying Molly-Mae was waiting for him in the hot tub. From then on, the rest is history.

It’s fair to say Lucie wasn’t too pleased. She was struggling to get “bev” to catch on and now a blonde bombshell was going to steal her man.

They don’t do Love Island entrances like this anymore.

100 per cent iconic.

Maura strutting into the villa ready to cause trouble

Two new girls entered the villa and to take the boys of their choosing out on a date. Maura strutted in with her charm and cheeky smile, ready to seduce the boys. The girls weren’t too happy and started heckling and mock-laughing as Maura was on her dinner date with Danny.

Needless to say, Maura definitely stirred up the villa and for that she will forever be an iconic Love Island queen.

Curtis finds Arabella lounging in the garden


As if Arabella was a damsel in distress and needed saving, Curtis threw off his cap and sunglasses like he was in an action movie when he saw her lounging in the garden, waiting for the Islanders to notice her.

This was the entrance the Love Island producers were probably trying to recreate with Brett this year, but it fell flat. Nothing will top Curtis’ reaction.

Rebecca dancing as a Greek Goddess around the boys

In the 2020 show, bombshell Rebecca crashed the challenge where the girls were giving the boys lap dances and strip teases, entering the villa in a stunning white and gold Goddess outfit. The girls on the balcony were gasping as she strutted down and made the boys blush.

No one was expecting that.

Twins Jess and Eve shock the villa


There was double trouble when Jess and Eve joined the party, shocking everyone as the first twins to go on the show. In little black dresses, the girls caused heads to spin in an iconic catwalk into the villa.

Iconic is an understatement.

Chris and Francesca looking like a power couple

We may not have known how iconic these two would turn out to be, but their entrance caused tension for the villa and everyone was on edge waiting for them to walk in.

It’s not often a man and woman enter the villa at the same time, so everyone was holding their breath to see if either Chris or Francesca was their type.

Not as iconic as Maura or Molly-Mae, but they definitely made an impression.

Rachel teetering on her heels

We have arrived at the more cringe entrances on this list. From this series, Rachel entered the villa in a pair of very tall, very thin high heels, which may have been a little too tall for her to walk in. Her catwalk into the villa didn’t look that comfortable as she was more lunging than strutting.

Once she arrived, she joined the boys who hadn’t been chosen in the recoupling. Brad’s overreaction was cringeworthy enough as he couldn’t seem to contain his excitement about the new girl.

Probably 80 per cent cringe, 20 per cent awkward.

Brett saying: ‘You can come and say hello if you want’


In last night’s show, we saw the arrival of new Islander Brett on a sun lounger with a cocktail in hand, waiting for the others to wake up and find him there. Many have already turned him into a meme as he awkwardly waited for the girls to spot him on the balcony.

Once they saw him, his response was to beckon them down by saying: “You can come and say hello if you want.”

100 per cent cringe.

Kady kicks off at bombshell Tina

Really cast your mind back for this one. This was the series with Olivia Buckland, Zara Holland and Marlin Andersson.

When Scott was chosen to go on a date with new bombshell Tina, Oliva and Kady were in the hideaway. Kady exploded with jealousy as her man took out the new girl.

Once they returned from the date, Tina tried to settle into the villa but found it difficult as Kady screamed at her and Scott through the window of the hideaway.

Tina handled herself well, but Kady’s behaviour was borderline disgusting. Definitely a cringe moment as Kady hauled insults at them both.

Malia causing a fight and being removed


Another cringey entrance from that series was when Malia, as iconic as she is (for all the wrong reasons), chose Scott for a date, leaving Kady annoyed. When the girls met, Kady accidentally spilt a bit of her drink down Malia’s leg.

Malia, not having been in the villa for more than approximately fifteen minutes, started a fight with Kady and even shoved her out the way. She was then removed and exiled from the villa.

Definitely an entrance everyone remembers, but a difficult one to watch.

Danica entering the villa in a giant clam

No one quite pulled off an entrance like Danica did this year when she made her entrance during a challenge. I wish I was joking when I say she came out of a literal pink CLAM. When the Islanders were about to do a sea-themed challenge, Danica spun out and did a really awkward dance before strutting back to the villa.

I’ve got to give it to her, she tried her best and those hips don’t lie.

Adam’s awkward ‘surprise’

Adam re-entered the villa for a second time after his original stint four years ago. Adam sent the girls a text which left much mystery as to who was going to walk into the villa. He then waddled in and said: “Surprise, surprise”. He definitely didn’t get the reaction he had hoped for because all the girls kept saying repeatedly: “Is that Adam Collard?”

Bombshells can only do it once hun x

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