The most deeply cringe and embarrassing Love Island moments of all time, ranked

Never forget Anton thinking Anna was going to recouple with him


Love Island is full of so many iconic parts, from sex scenes to dramatic exits and huge arguments. But what Love Island also definitely isn’t lacking in is embarrassing moments.

From awks moments at recouplings (remember Anton thinking Anna was going to pick him?), to cringe ways Islanders try to win their partner back (see: Yewande, Rosie, Megan, literally every contestant ever), Love Island is full of them all. And we can’t forget about every single Love Island man being a walking ick who gave us endless embarrassing moments – Eyal’s “rah”, Chris and Kem’s rapping, and everything Curtis ever did.

Here are the most cringe, toe-curling and embarrassing Love Island moments ever, ranked:

21. Yewande literally sitting on Danny

Yewande and Danny were coupled up, but Danny started making moves on Arabella/Arancini/Arrabbiata. Everyone hates Danny for how he treated her, but poor Yewande tried to cling on to him in the most cringe way possible.

When Arabella and Danny were talking by the pool, Yewande went over and with no warning just sat on Danny’s lap in what was the most uncomfortable thing to watch. Danny made an absolute criminal noise when Yewande sat on him, and Arabella was laughing so much she literally had to look away.

20. Molly-Mae hiding behind the plant pot

Spying on what Tommy was doing, Molly-Mae hid behind the world’s smallest and thinnest plant and pretended she was getting water. Iconic, if very cringe.

19. Eyal’s ‘rah’

When Megan and Rosie did their photoshoot (read the end of this article for more), Eyal literally said “rah”. If someone was ever a walking ick, it would be Eyal.

18. ‘Eyes on the prize, boys’

When AJ walked into the Love Island 2021 villa, she announced herself by saying “eyes on the prize, boys”. Okay but what does that even mean??

She then left the villa after mere days. People had been giving AJ the benefit of the doubt and saying maybe producers had made her say it, but in her exit interview, AJ revealed it had been her actual choice to say “eyes on the prize, boys”.

17. Marcel literally never shutting up about Blazin’ Squad

Genuinely he said he was in Blazin’ Squad about 257 times per episode. Look Marcel, we get it. You’ve told us once, can you please just move on now?

16. Demi falling over

Winter Love Island’s Demi absolutely stacked it whilst walking through the garden to go and chat with Shaughna about their love triangle with Luke M. She got her heel stuck in the decking, dropped to her knees and then properly fell – but managed to save her glass of wine.

15. Molly-Mae falling over

Molly-Mae also fell in the villa’s garden, whilst walking down the steps with Amber. People called it even better than Demi’s, and whilst everyone rushed over to help Molly, Maura shouted “can’t believe you wasted that wine!” over to her.

14. Rachel face-planting the fence

Remember Rachel from this year’s series? She completed the holy trinity of Love Island falls when she flew head-first into the fence whilst dressed in a police outfit in the Line of Booty challenge. Watch it here at 3.56:

13. Gabby and Montana singing

As part of the Love Island 2017 talent show, Gabby and Montana decided to sing (and rap, in parts) Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur, and it was, uhhhh, interesting. Their fellow Islander Kem said the pair had “a couple of vocal issues”, which is an incredibly fair assessment.

If you can bare it, watch this from 0.52:

12. While we’re on it, every single time Kem and Chris rapped

Also in the Love Island 2017 talent show, Kem and Chris decided to do a rap whilst Marcel played music – watch the video above from 4.48. It was frankly just straight-up not good, and deeply cringe.

But aside from the talent show, where they obviously had to perform something, whilst they were in the villa Chris and Kem literally never stopped rapping or talking about rapping. Rapping is genuinely the biggest ick of all time.

11. Jon proposing to Hannah

In series one, Jon (who went on to join the cast of TOWIE) proposed to former Playboy model Hannah – after the two had known each other for literally not even two months. They broke up shortly after the series ended.

10. ‘I want to be the person that gets up and makes everyone a coffee in the morning’

Curtis and Amy’s breakup chat was toe-curling to watch. Curtis’ head had been turned by Jourdan at Casa Amor, but she’d pied him. Curtis had returned to the villa single and re-coupled with Amy, only to break up with her.

It gave us the “I was coming back here to tell you I loved you” and “I want to be the person that gets up and makes everyone a coffee in the morning” lines, but it was horrible to watch – and very embarrassing for Curtis. Amy deserved one million times better.

9. Olivia’s jump into the pool

In the series three final, the Islanders all jumped into the pool to celebrate. Just watch this – she’s the one in a blue dress doing a literal swan dive:

8. Terry and Malin shagging in broad daylight in front of everyone

Series two’s Terry and Malin ended up shagging in front of literally the whole villa, in the bedroom with ALL those bright, harsh, white lights on. They somehow powered through, whilst all their fellow Love Islanders laid on beds around them and shouted things like “that’s a good rhythm!” and “good stroke!”

7. Malia getting removed from the villa after being there for about 20 minutes

Malia takes the crown of being the Love Islander who was in the villa for the shortest amount of time – she was in there for approximately 20 minutes.

Malia entered the villa back from a date with Scott, who was coupled up with Kady. Malia said she fancied Scott, Kady got increasingly annoyed at Scott, Malia ended up saying Kady had poured her drink all down her leg.

Then there was a rather large argument in which Malia shouted “SHUT UP you bitch”, Kady said Malia had “shoved” her, and Malia was removed from the villa.

6. Anton thinking Anna was going to recouple with him

In 2019, Anna did a recoupling speech. She said she really cared about this boy, he always makes her smile and he also has a “really sexy body”. At this point, Anton smirked and kept smiling whilst Anna started to say who she was going to couple up with.

love island embarrassing moments

Then she said the magic word: Sherif. Anton’s smile dropped when he realised Anna wasn’t choosing him, and the look on his face says it all really:

love island embarrassing moments

5. Lucie trying to make ‘bev’ happen

Love Island has had some iconic phrases over the years – “eggs in one basket”, “muggy” and “uh, Tommy!”. But Lucie tried to add one more to our dictionaries: Bev.

She tried VERY hard to make it happen, but unsurprisingly it didn’t catch on. Soz, hun x

4. Emma-Jane and Terry shagging on top of the covers

After Malin left, the same Terry who had shagged her in front of everyone started cracking on with Emma-Jane.

Emma-Jane thought if they had sex out in the open, rather than under the covers, it would count as porn and so the Love Island producers wouldn’t be able to show it on TV. It was quite iconic – but it turns out, they definitely CAN show it.

love island embarrassing moments

3. Malin and Terry’s chat, and then he stole her sunglasses

After Malin left and Terry cracked on with Emma-Jane, the producers decided to create even MORE dramz by bringing the absolute legend Malin back to confront Terry. She absolutely ripped in to him, but at the end when Terry stood up to leave he took Malin’s sunglasses, and she had to ask for them back.

2. Megan and Rosie’s photoshoot

Adam and Rosie ended things, and in an attempt to get back at him she and Megan had a sexy photoshoot around the villa. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with celebrating how you look and how fit you are, but this was just straight-up painful to watch.

love island embarrassing moments

1. Kady and Olivia’s Hideaway meltdown

When Scott and Alex went on dates with new girls, Kady and Olivia were banished to the Hideaway – and all hell broke loose, in what is absolutely the most embarrassing of all the moments in every single Love Island series, ever.

Kady screamed at new girl Tina and Scott, spent most of the night trying to see into the villa through a crack in the Hideaway window, and even rubbed her bare arse against the window for the rest of the villa to see.

Their fellow Islanders called it “embarrassing” and “childish”, and they were absolutely not happy with them.

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