The 16 wildest and most shocking revelations and moments in Love Is Blind: After the Altar

Damian running to greet Francesca but not Gigi? Criminal

Love Is Blind: After the Altar is the gift we really didn’t know we needed until we had it – it’s full of iconic moments, huge bust-ups, toe curlingly cringe exchanges and even a few tears, and not just from Cameron gushing over how much he adores Lauren.

The three part series was brought to us as a reunion for the season one cast, falling just as the Hamiltons and the Barnetts celebrate their two year anniversaries. We check in on the lives of the cast and see who is still together, who is still friends and find out exactly what they’ve all been up to since the show. On top of that, there are a whole load more revelations that prove just as we thought Love Is Blind couldn’t get any juicier, it really does.

Here are all of the most shocking things we found out, and the wildest moments in Love Is Blind: After the Altar on Netflix.

1. Can we just take a moment to appreciate how STACKED Cameron is?

The most shocking moments in Love Is Blind: After the Altar reunion episodes on Netflix

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Has he always looked like this? Wow, just wow.

2. Mark was cheating on Jessica and then cheated on LC too?!

Some of the girls meet up, and they finally discuss all the juice on what happened with Jessica, LC and Mark. Jessica says that she couldn’t go through with their wedding on the show, because she had heard that Mark was sleeping with other women before the wedding day.

LC discusses that after Mark and Jessica didn’t get married on the show, she ended up sleeping with him. She says she believed they were exclusively seeing each other, but then she saw pictures of him with Aubrey Rainey, who is now the mother of his child and his fiancee. LC says Mark was “gaslighting” her and “didn’t even apologise”. “He was lying to my face for six weeks,” she says. Later in the show, Diamond says that the full story is that Mark was seeing “six or seven” girls at the same time.


The most shocking moments in Love Is Blind: After the Altar reunion episodes on Netflix

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Right, here it is. We’ve all been waiting to see the deal about Damian and Francesca so they’re here having wine and a catch up together. Damian is literally gushing over Francesca, and keeps calling her beautiful and talking about how much he values her as a person. Damian invites her to the party, to which Francesca asks Damian if she’s coming as a date or a friend. Damian takes ages to think about this (um, why?) and then says friends but “see where the night takes us”. WHAT SORRY?

Whilst Damian and Francesca meet for a drink, Gigi visits her mother and tells her she’s “confident” in her relationship with Damian. “Cheers to where life takes us,” says Damian to Francesca. He then tells the cameras: “Is she beautiful? Yes. Is it exciting? Yes.” WHAT SORRY AGAIN?

4. Amber opened up about her recent health scares

During an episode, Amber discusses how she once had a seizure and the next morning had no recollection of it happening. She then says that since filming happened, she has been diagnosed with epilepsy.

The most shocking moments in Love Is Blind: After the Altar reunion episodes on Netflix

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5. Barnett has blocked Jessica on Instagram

During the show, it is revealed that since filming Barnett has blocked Jessica on Instagram so she is completely unaware of how him and Amber have been getting on. “That’s the highest level of offence”, resident therapist Rory says.

6. Um, so why was Damian literally staring out the window when Gigi arrived?

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Right, this is where the start of the drama really is. Damian and Gigi have arrived at the big party separately, and when she arrives Damian just literally stares out of a window and doesn’t acknowledge her arrival? Um, your drop dead gorgeous girlfriend has just walked in wearing a dress of dreams? WAKE UP WHAT ARE YOU DOING. Sometimes I wonder if this man looks at Gigi and sees the same woman that the rest of us do.

7. Damian then literally jumped up to greet Francesca

Of course he did. When Francesca arrives you best believe Damian is straight over to that lift to say hello. And now he’s spending all of his time with Francesca and not Gigi. I for one, am shocked.

The most shocking moments in Love Is Blind: After the Altar reunion episodes on Netflix

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The girls know what’s up by not giving Francesca the time of day. And as for Diamond swerving her completely and leaving the conversation instead of saying hello? That my friend, was TV gold.

8. The Mark drama

Yep, there’s more – and it causes a very heated conversation between Amber, Diamond and LC. Who knew Amber and Mark are “bros”, and the conversation over Mark allegedly cheating and how serious he and LC actually were escalates veeeeery quickly. It’s the facial expressions, for me.

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9. Damian was outright refusing to be affectionate with Gigi around Francesca

I cannot believe Damian just stood there awkwardly at the bar in between these two women. He cannot handle a situation that HE CREATED.

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And I beg, just show your apparent girlfriend some love. Tell her her dress is nice, grab her a drink, I don’t know, spend some time with her instead of Francesca?!

10. ‘I’m warning you now, you’re messing with the wrong bitch’

Gigi is honestly a goddess when it comes to delivering top lines. She comes out with the kind of lines that go through your head after you’ve argued with someone and you wish you’d thought of at the time. When Francesca was all like “he’s cute” and Gigi replied “so cute” with the best sarcastic smile? Chef’s kiss.

The most shocking moments in Love Is Blind: After the Altar reunion episodes on Netflix

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Can we take a special moment for when she ushered the words: “I’m warning you now, you’re messing with the wrong bitch” before following it up with “he’s mine”. Wow.

11. Ok, but why is Barnett STILL so funny around Jessica?

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It’s been two whole years and Barnett still won’t even look at Jessica. Are the rest of us missing something, or was what happened between them not even that bad? This was one of the most cringe moments in Love Is Blind: After the Altar, and it just came across as really, really petty. Jessica had done a nice thing and was simply trying to give the Barnetts a gift, as a sort of ‘I’m over this’ peace offering, but Matt couldn’t even look her in the eye? HE LITERALLY TURNED HIS HEAD AWAY.

Then he just says right there “I can’t” and says he’s “not allowed to”. What does that mean? Not allowed to what? Even LOOK at Jessica? Why won’t Amber even accept the gift???? And now they’re making our queen Jessica cry? Nope, this isn’t ok.

The most shocking moments in Love Is Blind: After the Altar reunion episodes on Netflix

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12. Damian didn’t even tell Francesca that he and Gigi were together?

Francesca says that it wasn’t made clear to her that Damian and Gigi were even together when she accepted his invitation to come along to the party. And now he’s here trying to blame Gigi for getting angry? Please.

13. Diamond’s date just walks out

Diamond had arrived with Rumeal, a friend of a friend who she was clearly hoping she might be able to date a little more in the future. But, out of nowhere he walks out?! Diamond has proven in the reunion that she is an icon, and nobody does her wrong like that.

14. Cameron is crying so now I am crying

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Honestly, I wasn’t entirely ready for Cameron’s speech to Lauren. I had forgotten how much these two absolutely melt my heart. I love them and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Lauren and Cameron deserve the world and this was one of the most wholesome moments in Love Is Blind: After the Altar, if not ever.

15. Jessica’s face during Barnett’s speech for Amber

The most shocking moments in Love Is Blind: After the Altar reunion episodes on Netflix

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That is all.

16. Wait, so does that mean Gigi and Damian are over?

At the end, Gigi and Damian have a huge row which ends in Gigi saying she doesn’t trust him, and Damian storming out saying “that is bullshit” over and over again. They fight a lot and Damian is saying they still love each other, but what? WE NEED SOME CONCRETE ANSWERS HERE.

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