When exactly was Love Is Blind: After the Altar on Netflix filmed?

The reunion party was to celebrate the two year anniversary of the married couples

In what can only be described as an absolute blessing, Netflix has given us three Love Is Blind reunion episodes. The three episodes are called Love Is Blind: After the Altar and bring us another dose of chaos from the season one cast. The show is to celebrate the two year anniversaries of the two couples who successfully made it up the aisle and said I do, so a lot of people have been wondering when exactly Love Is Blind: After the Altar was filmed.

The series includes a whole lot of drama between Gigi, Damian and Francesca from Too Hot To Handle, an awkward reunion for Jessica, Amber and Barnett and of course loads of wholesome content from everyone’s favourite couple ever, Lauren and Cameron. It’s a catch up with everyone to find out everything that has happened since filming of season one wrapped in 2018.

When was Love Is Blind: After the Altar reunion show on Netflix filmed?

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So, when was Love Is Blind: After the Altar filmed?

The main event of the reunion is an anniversary party for Lauren and Cameron Hamilton and Amber and Matt Barnett, who both got married at the end of Love Is Blind season one. The exact date for filming has not been confirmed by Netflix, but the couples have shared their anniversaries are in November – so the party would have most likely taken place in November 2020 – two years after they got married.

One their anniversary, Cameron posted on Instagram saying: “Happy 2nd Anniversary @need4lspeed !!! I’m grateful to have you as my partner every day, through the good and bad days. You motivate me to be my best and to make you as happy as you make me. I am so thankful for the family we have joined together and created, even Sparx 🐕 😆 our adventure is just beginning – I’m looking forward to at least a hundred more years together!”

Lauren’s post read: “Since my bday is tomorrow (the same day we got married) I’ll celebrate our love today!!! 👰🏾🤵🏽Wow 2 whoooole years! We’ve made it through one of the craziest years of our lives! We came out stronger than ever.✨❤️ I’m grateful to have you by my side pushing me, supporting me, loving me, making me laugh and cry (sometimes simultaneously), everyday teaching me a new level of love I never thought possible. We are growing ourselves, our businesses and eventually our family. And I couldn’t think of anybody better to ride shotgun through this crazy beautiful life!!! Happy 2 years baby! Cheers to 80 more ✨💕 I love you!”

When was Love Is Blind: After the Altar reunion show on Netflix filmed?

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Amber posted: “Two years ago today since we officially said ‘I do’… and I still can’t keep my hands off you! Happy 2yr Wedding Anniversary to my frustrating-crazy-sweet-handsome hubby. I LOVE YOU @barnettisblind“. Whilst Barnett said: “Here’s to 2 years and a million more years together.”

Amber and Barnett posted on November 13th, whilst Lauren and Cameron posted on the 15th.

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