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If you really love Love Is Blind, you’ll get at least 10/13 in this trivia quiz

Full marks means you’re truly obsessed

Love Is Blind is wild, intense, dramatic and any other adjective you can use to describe a TV show which is out of this world. It’s driven the Netflix world wild and has got everyone talking. It’s safe to say a lot of us have become obsessed. But are you really a Love Is Blind expert? This trivia quiz will tell you.

Were you glued to your screen every single episode? Have you stalked the entire cast on Instagram and decided which one is your best friend? Do you know which guy you’d marry, which girl you’d marry, which couple you are most like and possibly everything there is to know about them all? Or were you on your phone for most of the episodes and can’t remember who’s with who and whether or not they are still together?

Your score in this Love Is Blind trivia quiz is about to out you for how much of a true fan you are.

Test how much you were paying attention in this Love Is Blind trivia quiz:

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