Which Love Is Blind couples are still together? An investigation

One jilted couple are officially back together!!!

Please don’t read if you want to avoid spoilers.

Love Is Blind is officially over and we’ve seen two weddings that have reaffirmed my belief that true love exists. Cameron and Lauren got married alongside Amber and Barnett.

However their weddings were over a year and a half ago, so have their relationships actually stood the test of time or have they already filed for divorce?

I will cry if Lauren and Cameron are over.

There’s going to be a reunion on Thursday, however if you can’t wait three days to find out which couples are still together, we’ve done a deep dive into who is still going strong.

Through a lot of Instagram stalking we’ve been able to piece together which couples are still married. And after reading a number of interviews with the show’s creator, we’ve been able to confirm our suspicions of which Love Is Blind couples are still together.

These are the relationships which are still going strong and the couples that definitely aren’t getting back together:

Carlton and Diamond

Unsurprisingly Carlton and Diamond are definitely not back together. Following the biggest fight on Love is Blind which divided the world into Team Diamond and Team Carlton the two split up and left Mexico single.

They don’t even follow each other on Instagram. Yikes. However, Diamond said they are friendly and Carlton tried to reach out to her after the show but it took her a long time to be able to chat to him.

Carlton said it’s still quite awkward, no chance to get back together then?

Kenny and Kelly

Ok so these two do still follow each other on Instagram at least but there is no chance of them getting back together.

In an Instagram post in early January, Kelly wrote about embracing single life and how she won’t be with a man just because she’s lonely.

View this post on Instagram

Just in case any other female needs this today 💛. . I felt compelled to share a piece of me with a girl inside the Girls Gotta Eat (podcast) Facebook group as she questioned if anyone else felt defeated if they’re not married/in a relationship/ where they thought they’d be by now in their 30’s… . “It’s all about mindset…I’m 34 and It wasn’t until I was about 31/32 that I realized nothing was changing with my dating life, social life, career… I’d work aggressively m-f, then disconnect on the weekends by binge drinking, prob getting myself into situations that gave me temporary satisfaction, yet left me feeling more alone, and I’d just feel awful every weekend. (Mostly from drinking too much). . I realized if I ever wanted a diff outcome, I’d needed to change my actions. . So I set off on a spiritual journey, finding myself. Took solo trips, spent a lot of weekends by myself reading personal development books, listening to empowering podcasts, connecting with people who were living the lives I dreamed of (in person and on social media), learning how they got to where they are. . As we begin to love OURSELVES and bring awareness to why we feel sad, or defeated that we are in our 30’s and no one has put a ring on it, we can truly understand that we need to change beliefs, stories, and actions to create a diff outcome. . I know boundaries now. I love myself so much that I won’t just be with a guy bc I’m lonely. When we love ourselves fully and completely, we don’t NEED anything or anyone…they come to us by law of attraction. We radiate at a higher frequency and it’s our confidence, fearlessness, self love and self worth that attracts a man in. And we have to remember to keep vibing at a high level when we get into a relationship otherwise the energy falls and he becomes less attracted to you… . And this CAN happen if we aren’t respecting ourselves & our boundaries. . Take yourself on dates, buy yourself flowers, do all the things you want a guy to do for you. You go first. 💛✨” Love YOU first! . And even when you are in a relationship, don’t forget to keep dating yourself then too.💛✨ . #chaselifewithkelly #chaselifetogether #BecomeABetterYou

A post shared by Kelly Chase (@chaselifewithkelly) on Jan 19, 2020 at 8:16am PST

Kenny has moved to North Carolina so there’s probably zero chance they got back together.

Mark and Jessica

Mark and Jessica still follow each on Instagram but that’s it. Mark said they haven’t spoken since she ditched him at at the altar. He said it’s been “radio silence”.

However, according to Jessica, she apologised to Mark and his mum.

Jessica said she’s now dating around but is not involved in anything serious. So yeah no sign of them getting back together. But I think we all knew that.

Damian and Giannina

Wow this was such a dramatic wedding scene. But what did Gigi expect getting ditched after she slagged off their sex life.

Although Damian said no at the altar, it seems the two are back on. After excessive Instagram stalking there’s a few clues they’re together.

First of all Gigi and Damian both posted pictures of themselves in fields of sunflowers. They both make the pictures look very different. Gigi’s is filtered and very Instagrammy, whereas Damian’s is poking fun at his social media silence.

But there’s no denying it’s the same field. And as Damian was so anti social media during the show, surely the only reason he’d take a pic like that is if Giannina asked him to.

The plot then thickens with Gigi’s mum confirming the couple are still together. An Instagram user commented on Gigi’s mum post asking why she still follows Damian.

Her mum replied in Spanish saying: “It’s not acting, not even a little bit. I follow Damian simply because they reconciled and are still together, they love each other and it was best for [the wedding not going ahead] to happen because that way they could get to know each other better.”

The show’s creator Chris Coelen has confirmed they’re back together. In an interview he said: “There was only one couple that broke it off that has attempted to re-engage and that’s Gigi and Damien.

“And we’ll see what happens with them. We’ll see.”

This is going to make the reunion episode on Thursday very exciting!

Amber and Barnett

They follow each other on Instagram and have shared their happy wedding photos. Amber and Barnett both shared pictures of their 4th July celebrations last year and they both seem to be wearing the exact hat.

love is blind couples still together amber barnett

Those hats are identical. Via Instagram @barnettisblind & @atypicalamber

The show’s creator Chris Coelen has also implied the two are together. In an interview with the Metro, Chris talks about the success of Amber and Barnett’s relationship, he said: “I think that’s just a testament to the authenticity of the whole thing.

“They went through this process, built this relationship and put it to the test. It’s trial by fire and their relationships are forged incredibly strongly. I don’t see them ever slowing down.”

Cameron and Lauren

The couple which have made us all believe in true love are definitely still together. In all their promo for the show and the picture from the reunion episode, the couple look very cosy.

They follow each other on Instagram. Lauren posted a picture on Instagram in the bathroom, which looks identical to the one in Cameron’s house.

love is blind couples still together

via Instagram @need4lspeed & Netflix

They’ve also got a dog, which is incredibly adorable and the pictures of him look like they’re in Cameron’s house and the man bending down to stroke the dog has a very similar vibe to Cameron.

A video has also been making the rounds on Twitter of the two kissing and it’s the cutest things ever.

And Lauren has confirmed they’re still together and they’re really happy. In an interview she said: “Yes, me and Cameron are still together!

“Oh my God. We’re so happy. It’s just, like, every day we learn more and more about each other, and we honestly fall more and more in love with each other.”

This is the best news I’ve heard all year.

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