They can’t see each other, but we can: Here are the Love Is Blind Instagrams

Never followed a group of people so quickly in my life

Love Is Blind on Netflix is everyone’s new trashy obsession. The wine, the memes, the drama. What a show.

The show is based on the contestants going on dates with people without seeing them and then they get proposed to and ideally married by the end of the show.

So they have no idea what their future husband/wife looks like. Imagine not being able to Insta stalk someone before a first date? Crazy.

But just because they can’t have a deep dive into their love’s past cringe Instagram posts, doesn’t mean we can’t.

These are the Instagram accounts of your favourite Love Is Blind contestants. And don’t worry there are no spoilers about who ends up with who, as they have to keep it quiet until the final episode.

Jessica Batten

via Instagram @jessicabatten24

Instagram: @jessicabatten24

Followers: 62.9k

Jessica’s Instagram is naturally full of pics of her dog Payton, travels and adventures with her friends. Her bio also features her dedication to wine and we just love to see it.

via Instagram @jessicabatten24

Lauren Speed

via Instagram @need4lspeed

Instagram: @need4lspeed

Followers: 149k

Ok so Lauren’s Instagram is good. It’s full of fit selfies, travel pics and repping her entertainment company The SpeedBrand.

She also has a lot of story highlight reels and she’s been to Paris, Cuba, Italy and LA. Not jealous at all.

via Instagram @need4lspeed

Amber Pike

via Instagram @atypicalamber

Instagram: @atypicalamber

Followers: 66.7k

First of all Amber is blonde now, second of all her Instagram is full of bikini pics and she looks banging. That is honestly all her Instagram is.

via Instagram @atypicalamber

Diamond Jack

via Instagram @iam_diamondjack

Instagram: @iam_diamondjack

Followers: 18.8k

Diamond’s Instagram is a lot of pictures of her looking great in dressed up outfits. It also features images of when she was an NBA dancer and she has a highlight reel of all the vegan meals she eats.

via Instagram @iam_diamondjack

Giannina Gibelli

via Instagram @gianninagibelli

Instagram: @gianninagibelli

Followers: 156k

Giannina’s Instagram is incredibly aesthetic, full of selfies and she is a great fan of a filter, particularly a Huji shot.

Her captions are typical influencer gratitude type stuff but her poses are quite out there, literally. She sticks her legs out at far angles in a lot of pictures.

via Instagram @gianninagibelli

Kelly Chase

via Instagram @chaselifewithkelly

Instagram: @chaselifewithkelly

Followers: 65.9k

Kelly is a health and empowerment coach and her Instagram definitely reflects that. She posts a lot of inspirational quotes, wholesome selfies and transformation pics combined with very long captions about wellness.

via Instagram @chaselifewithkelly

Mark Cuevas

via Instagram @markanthonycuevas

Instagram: @markanthonycuevas_

Followers: 91.1K

If you didn’t know Mark is majorly into his fitness. His Insta is just full of gym, work outs, boxing pictures. He also shares the occasional family picture with his gorgeous sister. Honestly, go look her up, she’s stunning.

via Instagram @markanthonycuevas

Cameron Hamilton

via Instagram @cameronreidhamilton

Instagram: @cameronreidhamilton

Followers: 122k

Cameron is pretty new to the gram, his first picture was in May last year where he was trimming some hedges. So wholesome.

The rest of his pictures are of family and since the show has come out he’s got a LOT better with the thirst traps.

via Instagram @cameronreidhamilton

Matt Barnett

via Instagram @barnettisblind

Instagram: @barnettisblind

Followers: 84.1k

First of all, can we just appreciate Matt’s Insta handle is “barnettisblind”. Anyway as you’d expect his Instagram is full of funny pics, like this man cannot take a serious photo.

via Instagram @barnettisblind

Damian Powers

via Instagram @damian__powers

Instagram: @damian__powers

Followers: 67.9k

So Damian is shirtless in approximately 95 per cent of his photos. We get it. You have abs.

There really isn’t much to say about Damian’s Instagram apart from all it is is photos of him.

via Instagram @damian__powers

Kenny Barnes

via Instagram @kennybarnes11

Instagram: @kennybarnes11

Followers: 46.7k

Kenny’s Instagram is a pretty good mixture of content tbf. He’s got dog pics in there, travelling pictures and plenty with family and friends. Just wholesome content.

via Instagram @kennybarness11

All follower counts were correct at time of publication.

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