Please enjoy these 32 memes about *that* chaotic Love Island episode and Hugo’s speech

‘This episode will go down as one of the classics’

Last night’s episode of Love Island was by far the best of the entire series so far. The last 10 minutes of pure chaos was a shining beacon of hope in what has so far been the driest season of Love Island ever. Hugo channeled the energy of Johnny, Michael, and every single chaotic Love Island contestant ever – and people had a LOT to say about it, sparking so many good memes and reactions.

If you missed it, here’s a clip of what Hugo actually said:

Some people were saying Hugo was a hero for supporting Chloe and telling Toby what he really thinks. But others were saying it was disrespectful to Kaz, who Hugo didn’t support like that when Toby did the exact same thing to her, and to Georgia, who had made it very clear she fancied Hugo and was being dumped as he was choosing Chloe. Either way, Hugo’s speech was firey af and will go down as an iconic moment in Love Island history.

Now settle back and re-live last night’s Love Island with these 32 reactions and memes about Toby, Chloe, and *that* speech from Hugo:

1. He won’t be forgotten, that’s for sure

2. ‘I just think it’s BULLSHIT’


3. Hmmm

4. I can’t wait for the spon con x


6. Okay but!

7. Never forget

8. Loooool

9. Where was it?!

10. Justice for Kaz!!!

11. He really doesn’t deserve all these girls

12. Justice for Georgia!!!

13. They were a bit of an ick, I can’t lie

14. Guys? Guys? Remember me?

15. It’s defo one for the history books

16. The only thing we can all agree on: We still don’t like Toby

17. Just gonna leave this here

18. 👀👀👀

19. He really didn’t hold back

20. HMMM

21. Pour one out for Georgia

22. This was Hugo’s Joker origin story

23. Look after me pls x

24. Love Island is BACK baby

25. Can’t wait for Faye vs. Hugo showdown 2.0

26. Dr Alex or Johnny? Who even knows any more

27. What’s going on!!!

28. Calm down Chloe hun

29. I am READY

30. Chaldish x

31. I don’t know what’s happening, but it’s drama for sure

32. Every single one of these is simply sublime

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