Only the one less lonely girl could remember all these classic Justin Bieber music videos

Prove you were a Belieber by getting 12/12 on this quiz

Justin Bieber was the first boy you ever fancied, and if you say otherwise I’m sorry but you’re lying to yourself hun. From the moment you saw Justin Bieber in his Baby music video that was it – and then you spent the next few years listening to every single one of his songs on repeat, crying over his music videos on sleepovers with your mates, and being first in line to watch his Never Say Never film. You asked for tickets to his concerts for Christmas, and it was literally your life’s mission to get pulled on stage and be the One Less Lonely Girl.

You were obsessed with everything about Justin Bieber, but just how much do you remember? More specifically, do you remember all of his music videos? Do you know your Baby from your Boyfriend, and your Mistletoe from your Beauty And A Beat?

Do your 12-year-old self proud and put your skills to the test with this Justin Bieber music video quiz:

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