Quiz: How well do you remember the lyrics to all these iconic primary school disco songs?

Here are all the bangers you used to knee slide to

Cast your mind back to the noughties. You have frosted lipgloss on, and an outfit you’ve spent months planning. At least one of your items of clothing is velvet. You’ve just got ready at your mate Hannah’s house, where her mum gave you pasta and orange squash for dinner while you listened to S Club 7. You rock up to the school hall feeling like an absolute celebrity. The boys are already knee sliding in their flame shirts. It’s the social event of the year – nay, the decade. It’s the year 6 disco.

Primary school was an absolute time – but there was no greater time than the year 6 disco. But how well do you remember all the banging primary school disco songs? From YMCA to Reach to 5, 6, 7, 8, take this lyrics quiz to put your knowledge to the test:

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