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These are the oldest queens from each season of RuPaul’s Drag Race

Charlie Hides was 52 years old when they appeared on the show

One of the best things about RuPaul’s Drag Race is unlike other reality shows it’s pretty good with it’s age inclusivity. One season will feature a queen at the start of her career at 21 years old and at the other end of the spectrum include a queen in their 50s who knows exactly what they’re doing thanks to years of experience.

The oldest drag queen to ever compete on the show was Charlie Hides who was 52 years old when they appeared on season nine. Though they didn’t win, they definitely showed drag can be done at any age. Charlie may not have won but there have been a number of queens who were the oldest in their season and went onto get the crown or become a finalist.

These are the oldest drag queens in each season of RuPaul’s Drag Race:

Season one – Victoria ‘Porkchop’ Parker

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Age: 39

The first ever season of Drag Race featured Victoria ‘Porkchop’ Parker who was nearly 40 years old when they first appeared on the show. Sadly they were the first one to leave as well but that hasn’t stopped them from smashing it in their career. They’re regularly performing and have over 30,000 Instagram followers.

Season two – Pandora Boxx

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Age: 37

Pandora Boxx was the oldest of the contestants on the second season of Drag Race. She finished fifth in the show and was awarded Miss Congeniality by her fellow queens.

Season three – Raja

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Age: 36

If you needed any more proof that age is just a number then please remember Raja was the oldest queen of her season and won. She was 36 years old when she competed and killed it every time.

Season four – Chad Michaels

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Age: 40

Chad Michaels aka the best Cher impersonator was 40 years old when she competed on the fourth season of Drag Race. She was runner up and went onto win the first season of All Stars where she was also the oldest queen of that season as well.

Season five – Penny Tration

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Age: 39

There were a few other queens in their late 30s in the fifth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, however Penny Tration was the oldest. Sadly she finished last, there really is such variety in where the oldest queens finish each season.

Season six – Darienne Lake

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Age: 41

Darienne Lake did pretty well in her season despite pulling up in some questionable looks. She was 41 years old when she competed and came in fourth position.

Season seven – Tempest DuJour

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Age: 46

Tempest DuJour is one of the oldest queens to ever compete in Drag Race and what a season she did it in. Unfortunately for her she was the first one booted out, but hey she had some tough competition.

Season eight – Acid Betty

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Age: 37

Acid Betty appeared on an iconic season of Drag Race and was the oldest queen to take part in it. She finished in eighth place.

Season nine – Charlie Hides

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Age: 52

Charlie Hides is the oldest ever queen to compete on RuPaul’s Drag Race being in her early 50s when she was on the show. She finished in 12th place out of 14 contestants.

Season 10 – Asia O’Hara and Mayhem Miller

Asia O’Hara and Mayhem Miller were both 35 years old when they appeared on Drag Race season 10. Asia did pretty well coming in fourth and Mayhem finished 10th. Mayhem went onto compete in season five of All Stars where they were one of a number of contestants who were 37 years old.

Season 11 – Shuga Cain

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Age: 40

I will never not be obsessed with Shuga Cain’s name. She was 40 years old when she competed on RuPaul’s Drag Race season 11, she did pretty well on the series coming in seventh.

Season 12 – Jackie Cox and Brita

Age: 34

Drag Race season 12 had a pretty young cast with the two eldest contestants only being 34 years old. Jackie Cox finished in fifth position and Brita came in ninth.

Season 13 – Tamisha Iman

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Age: 49

The most recent series of Drag Race saw one of its oldest contestants ever, Tamisha Iman was 49 years old whilst appearing on the show. She didn’t do amazingly well on the series, coming in at eleventh, but who was ever going to beat Symone?

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