This is how to do the new Spotify Instagram story trend that’s all over TikTok

It’s guaranteed to spice up your Instagram Story

I don’t know about you, but TikTok trends have seemed a little dry recently. Whether it’s the “that girl” trend or everyone’s obsession with Bo Burnham, it all feels a little stale. That’s why the new Spotify Instagram story trend is really one we can all get behind!

@kvthyvuSpotify Instagram Story Trend 🎶 ✨ #fyp♬ t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l – WILLOW

This new trend combines posting cute pictures of yourself and flexing your music taste.

We are especially loving the self-love that comes with this trend, posting your favourite music and looking good while doing it.

@kingdeeva#spotifyinstagramchallenge #instagramstories #instagramstoryideas #fyp #viral #couplestiktok #couplegoals @kingdrape♬ Best Part – H.E.R.

The trend has been all over our FYPs and people are getting really creative with it. It’s the perfect way to post those pictures that aren’t instagram feed worthy, but ones you still want people to see.

Plus, those of you coupled up can use these stories to show a little appreciation to your partner. Very wholesome.

So, how do you do it?

@ninaciecwierzSpotify story trend #spotify #storyideas #trend #fyp♬ Lost Cause – Billie Eilish

It may seem pretty confusing, but here it is broken down into five easy steps:

Step 1: Pick your photo and set it as your background.

Step 2: To make it look more realistic, type something using the highlighted text feature (e.g. a full stop), and size it up to give your picture the authentic Spotify background look.

Step 3: Add your song using the music feature.

Step 4: Add the same picture again as a sticker and resize until the album cover is hidden by your chosen photo.

Step 5: Go into the GIFs and search “Spotify” to find an animation as if you’re playing the song. And you’re done! How easy was that?

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