Prove you’re a true Arianator by getting full marks on this Ariana Grande lyrics quiz

You’re officially a dangerous woman if you get 14/14

Ariana Grande has earned the title of the pop princess of the 21st century, having an army of loyal fans supporting her every step of the way. If you feel you’re fighting in this battle, take this quiz to test your true loyalty to the Ariana allegiance.

If you can finish all the lyrics to these iconic Ariana Grande songs, only then are you a real fan. And if you do fail? You’ve gotta, gotta, gotta, love her harder.

Taking this quiz is the only way of proving you’re a dangerous woman,  and will earn you the respect of your fellow Ariana stans. All of these songs are absolute bops and if you don’t agree, all that can be said is: thank u, next x

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